The Art of Sign Painting with Nicolai Sclater

Thursday, April 11, 2013

British artist Nicolai Sclater may be coined a sign painter by trade, but he takes his art further then the customary two-dimensional canvases. Employing sleek typography fonts that ode with retro aesthetics, Sclater — otherwise known as the Ornamental Conifer – toys with various mediums — denim jackets, vintage automotive, and garden equipment — as anomalous backdrops to his work. Originally honing his skills as a graphic designer, Sclater left the dependable route for the niche market of sign painting. Here, we learn about his associations with art and motorcycles, in addition to the application of bold fonts onto hard-to-execute surfaces. Clean-cut, formative yet provocative, Sclater goes further to prove his work is credible by getting it inked for life.

Nicolai Sclater

Source: Hypebeast

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