JonOne visits the Krink studio

Friday, April 7, 2017

JoneOne Krink visit

Krink Studios had the pleasure of receiving one of the triple OGs in the game, none other than JonOne, the founder of the legendary 156 crew. He came a long way from the hallways, from the MTA subway tunnels to prestigious Parisian galleries with his signature abstract street style that can be recognized by writers and art lovers instantaneously. What started as a rite of passage growing up in New York in the late 70’s and early 80’s, has become a lifelong quest that has brought international fame and many great opportunities for the infamous Dominican bomber from Harlem. To be able to observe him in the studio and be able to get a glimpse of his creative process is truly an honor.

jonone graffiti at Krink studio

JonOne is no stranger to mops. He’s been using them since the 80’s and as a result had built one of the most recognized graffiti brands in the game. This is also very true for KR and Krink markers who similarly kept the raw street essence over the years so when the two worlds come together; it’s only natural that the outcome is lovely.

jonone graffiti

Every writer has to test the marker before he strikes. The Krink K-60 in hand, the testing begins and the colors are coming out looking buttery and loud. The beauty in all of this is the simplicity. Krink and JonOne are masters at creating complexity out of refined simplicity by injecting style into what is already a true classic.

jonone graffiti tags with krink

It all boils down to “the hand”. You can do the most colorful piece with the wildest style and take a whole month working it to perfection and it will look fly at the end but if your hand is weak, something just doesn’t jive well with that. The hand is your core it is the simplest interpretation of you so it must be the fliest. Those with strong hands get strong respect but few get it like JonOne does.

jonone at krink

What takes time to make, time respects. JonOne’s evolution took many decades but can be beautifully summed up with a few colorful squeeze mops and a blank piece of white paper. That’s visual jazz right there, straight from the slums of Harlem to a gallery near you.

Your hands are too short to box with GOD. JonOne posing in a classic boxer stance representing both cultures which give him the feelings of true freedom and power. “It’s just me against the world”.

jonone graffiti

It’s not a job or a hobby, this is a lifestyle. JonOne has been living this to the fullest for a very long time and he’s been on fire the whole way through it. Much respect!

Photos courtesy of Craig Costello.

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