Artwork by Hannah Adamaszek

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hannah adamaszek sitting girl

The UK-based freelance artist Hannah Adamaszek has recently sent us a few examples of her work. For more of her artwork check out her website.

Everyday life and people inspire me. Favourite mediums and tools include Decorating brushes, ink, acrylics and lots of water, spray paint and cardboard for stencils working on canvas, or anything huge I can get my hands on. Often leaving areas of finished work crude, allowing the layers of progress to be seen.

I am part of Scrawl Collective, Urban Curations, and a featured artist on Art Bastard, Hypocritedesign and Origin of Cool. I am also working with The Gallery Court and Upper Space. I am selling T Shirts through James Clothing and have had exhibitions in London, Crawley and Belguim.

Hannah Adamaszek

hannah adamaszek if only

hannah adamaszek drunks

hannah adamaszek Eve of Destruction

hannah adamaszek Bridge

hannah adamaszek

hannah adamaszek art

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