Looking for Sake on Craigslist

Thursday, July 28, 2011

sake graffiti bombing

Here’s an interesting article on the Montreal Craigslist trying to find the graffiti writer Sake after his house had been vandalized.

This is what the original article read:

I came across you spray painting the side of my house, I know you didn’t appreciate my criticism of asking to “paint something original”. I mean you are a young budding artist, you had a cute cub look with your short beard slightly chubby features. It was dark, maybe it was the baggy clothing that gave you the chubby look. Your friend (I think he has a coke addiction that you really should lookout for) valiantly defended your art by showing me who is boss by punching me in the side of the head. I bet you there are many rickety stair cases and poorly place door knobs in his place that his spouse keeps running into at home if you know what I mean ;) .

Anyways, you would be surprised to know that your “friend” that you said that owned my house doesn’t and probably was less then honest with you about that. I actually own the house, got meself the fancy deed and everything. You also say you paint this house all the time. I haven’t seen your work before on this place, but the mean ol’ oppressive big brother city keeps removing it. It is like someone is calling them or something.

I read an interview about your work in “The Infamous”, I love how you complain about cookie-cutter art and you choose to ironically write the something everywhere as a statement against this “cookie cutter society”. Now I know the homophobic thing you uttered when I criticized your art, was just you blending in with the crowd and appealing to your audience. Based on all the homophobic things that are posted on forums that feature your art.

Of course the artist last night may not have been the original SAKE and one of the many “cookie cutter” artists in your repetitive and limited art form.

Anyways, would you like to meet for coffee or tea sometime? Maybe your coked out friend can come along so he can help defend your work from criticism or suggestion.

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