Chor Boogie Paints Berlin Wall

Friday, October 15, 2010

chor boogie berlin wall

The artist Chor Boogie was recently visiting Berlin. While he was painting in Berlin he was asked if he would like to paint the Berlin wall. As you can see, he painted this large piece of the Berlin wall.

Here’s what Chor Boogie had to say:

“Well im Back from my trip to Berlin ..painting and exhibiting at the Stroke Art Fair with LA ART MACHINE…. and allot of good things happened while i was there… I was painting my booth and working on my paintings at the same time… and i noticed a man watching me paint very carefully analyzing my upside down technique and the way i was using colors.. he then introduced himself as LUX a interesting an well connected man in Berlin.. artist and innovator.. so he explained to me how he has never seen anything like what ive done before when it comes to art in general and he then asked me if i wanted to paint on the berlin wall.. I didn’t believe him at first until he took me to see the actual walls he had stored in the back of the event space.. he showed me this piece that had the king of pop painted on it by another artist and he offered me this wall i went with it.. He had a crane pick up the 5ton wall from the back of the studio and drop it off in the front of the art fair… IT WAS THE HIGH LIGHT OF THE EVENT.. as i was told.. i started and from there he had the biggest paper in berlin come and take photos and ask me some questions on how do i feel about painting the wall.. I STATED.. basically its an HONOR TO PAINT ON A PIECE OF HISTORY bringing art history to a piece of german history.. .. from there the story was printed.. the next day i was rushed in the morning by LUX in awe stating we got in the biggest paper in berlin and quoted was the cost of the piece for $500,000 EUROS, which translates to $700k USD.. I was shocked and everything was all un expected.. from there i placed the article in my booth so the audience passing by can read it.. and get abetter feel of the artist… i then go out side to work on the wall .. while my booth was being watched by OLI who was a great help .. then he runs down stairs coming up to me asking if this is the real price for this and i tell him yes it is thats what the paper says.. He then comes at me that there is a guy that wants to buy the wall ..asked if it was available..and wallah there you go.. so apparently the buyer and the owner of the wall are meeting to finalize.. contracts have been signed everything is locked down… ill keep you posted on the progress.. stay shining”

chor boogie berlin wall

Source: Chor Boogie’s Blog

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