Posterchild’s Naitive Woman Doctor

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Posterchild Naitive Woman Doctor

Posterchild sent us an email the other day telling us about this particular story. A Winnipeg woman had wrote Posterchild saying how much she loved his art. She especially like the series of the Native Americans. She’s a Métis person who aspires to be a doctor. Posterchild was so inspired by her email that he created a  Well this is the email she wrote to Posterchild:

I watched your talk with some art students recently and I really enjoyed it. I go to your site because you show me some things I can’t find in Winnipeg. I like to ‘watch’ graffiti and yours is pretty interesting. I always liked your series of astronauts and especially the Native American ones. I even got the hoody and I think I sent you an e-mail about how pleased I was with it. Anyways, while I thought the series was awesome I never really knew there were as much to them as you described in your lecture. I figured you had some meaning behind them but you talked about it exceptionally well in this instance. I guess what you had to say revealed a few insights of my own and now I have a deeper connection with the series. As a Métis person who aspires to be a doctor, I feel about as ridiculous as your native astronaut. In fact, I don’t talk about this goal with people I know anymore because they feel the same way and feel I’m wasting my time. Maybe thankfully, I’m very fair despite being Chilean and native. In a sense, I’m granted a sort of anonymity so long as people aren’t aware of my heritage. I could be Italian… Some people think I’m Asian. I’m still confused as to if I should stop representing myself as my heritage couldn’t and let people assume or if I should stay firm. In any event, I have a new way to approach this. So, there is my personal connection to this. I was hoping to send something to you though. I work in a perfumery where we make a blend of sacred essential oils called Ishi. It’s inspired by the last Indian named Ishi and I would say it is like the rain that takes off my helmet. I was hoping to share it with you and send you a vial as thanks for giving me this realization.

Posterchild Naitive Woman Doctor

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