Venice Art Walls Benefit Art Auction

Monday, June 2, 2008

venice walls 

There are over 40 artists taking part in donating some of their art work to help raise money to support the Venice Art Walls program. Some of these artists include: Axis, Robbie Conal, Swank, Slick, Asylm, Haste, Terrell Moore, Toonz, Eye, Emily Winters, Eric “Cre8” Walker, Barry “Twist” McGee, Kofie, Erick “Duke” Montenegro, Judy Baca, Randy “Relic” Legaspi, Edizen Stowell, Steve Grody, Mandoe, Kiino Villand, Ezra Li, Juan Carlos “Heaven” Muñozh, Sen, Tosha Grantham, Mark Sadlek, JoeX2, Man One, Dytch, Michael Rababy, Sonji, Miner, Duce, Flwent, Ping Ping, Zender, Mike D. Steele, Siner, Sano, Zuco, Andrew “Nomor” Huerta, Emma Ferreira, Ruth San Pietro, Dustin Otterbach, Pose 2, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Mario, Timoi, Ernest Miranda, Vyal and more…

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