Filthy Varmint Interview

Filthy Varmint

Where’d you come up with the name Filthy Varmint?

Filthy Varmint: Hmm….it just kinda came together, i was thinking of something raw. Y’know, something that would suit me. It really just felt right. I’m a Filthy

What influenced you to start creating music?

Filthy Varmint: I guess I always knew I wanted to make music, since I first heard Wu-Tang back in the day, shit just blew me away. Then i got into Pun and was straight stunned, couldn’t believe what I was hearin’. As a kid I’d learn every verse i could and rhyme along, picturing how crazy it’d be to be on stage someday. I started seeing some older cats flow at house parties, etc…and I guess that’s when I started to think it was actually possible, more than just an absurd dream. As far as beatmaking/production, I just knew I could make shit that I’d want to listen to again and again, it was only a matter of time. Not to mention all the garbage I was hearing, the poison in the well.

Filthy Varmint

Is there anything or a certain place that helps you create new ideas for songs?

Filthy Varmint: The bus is a great source of inspiration for me, in terms of people watching. So many different types of people use public transit, i can’t help but learn from and be inspired by them y’know? From the asshole takin out his problems on a stranger, to the old lady who’s lovin every last minute of her life. In general I guess I’m always absorbing, wherever I’m at, there’s always something to learn from any situation/person.

Filthy Varmint

What do you think of the Vancouver Hip Hop scene?

Filthy Varmint: Hmmmm…hahaa…shit. gotta think a minute on this one. There’s a lot of love for hip hop in Vancouver, that’s for sure. Genuine love, y’know? I don’t see a lot of g-unit kids, bandwagon-hoppers, or cats who are about it cause it’s what’s hot right now. Not saying they don’t exist, but i think there’s a lot of hip hop here that you wouldn’t expect, or at least from people you might not look at and think ‘they love hip hop.’ We’ve obviously got some heads, doing great things for this city. There’s always a show happenin somewhere, and we get a lot of dope underground acts comin through which is great. Vancouver has the only (that i know of) hip hop weekly t.v. program, which does a lot for locals. (and not in a shitty, cheesy way like you’d expect.) Lotta good writers, b-boys, dj’s galore, and emcees of course. I guess it can either be a good thing or a bad depending how you look at it, but there’re a lot of dudes trying to make it here.

This past summer you were able to do a show in your home town, how was that?

Filthy Varmint: Ahh man, that was crazy. One word, Love. Lotta love. Warm fuzzies all around. hahaaaa, and a few beers as well. It was kind of a big reunion, lotta people i hadn’t seen in years, so that was dope. Of course I’m my biggest critic, so i think my set could’ve been way better, but y’know. It was nice though, Classified and his crew ripped it, everyone had a crazy time. That’s my city for sure, and I can’t wait to get back for another show.

What do you think of the internet when it comes to music?

Filthy Varmint: Mixed feelings i guess. As far as downloading, for me personally, the stage I’m at right now, it’s great. For those in the ‘early’ years, it’s all about exposure, and gettin your name out there, so the internet’s undoubtedly provided that for so many. Plus the networking made possible is a huge pro.On the flipside of that coin, now anybody can have a myspace page and call themselves an artist, y’know? With so many fish in the sea, i think it’s definitely made it more difficult for those who ’should’ be recognized. Then again, that can also mean the weeding out of those who aren’t real., so it’s a tough call.

Filthy Varmint

Who are a few of your favorite musicians you like to listen to?

Filthy Varmint: Right now i’m listening to a lot of old shit, the stuff that’s inspired me in the past. And always love shit that humbles me, y’know? Eric B & Rakim, Tribe, Big L, De La Soul, Black Sheep, old 7L & Esoteric, old Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy & Celph Titled, AOTP in general, Dilated Peoples, Lord Finesse, Jeru The Damaja, Always Dj Premier, Typical Cats, Little Brother, Alkaline Trio, Coheed and Cambria, and I’m still lovin Prefuse 73…to name a few. haha.

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Filthy Varmint: Don’t drink, never touch the stuff. Hahaaa. sheeeit. made myself laugh there. I love a good beer, keiths, close second with captain morgan though. And i’m craving a 40 lately…it’s been a minute, however, pretty sure i’m an alcoholic, so i gotta tone it down a bit.
Back in the day you were into graffiti. Do you miss getting out and painting or do you still find time?

Filthy Varmint: Ahh, I miss painting like crazy. I still sketch, and love stickers,…but i’ts been way too long since i’ve been up. Shit kills me. Really been focusing on music, but graff’s on my new year’s resolution list. Ya betta ask somebody. hahaa.

Filthy Varmint Sketch

What’s the future looking like for you? What are the plans for Filthy Varmint? What can you listeners expect?

Filthy Varmint: Future’s always lookin good, i’m an optimist by default. haha. But nah, things are going great, going to be recording with my boy HeadSpace in October hopefully, he’s got some crazy beats so we’re both gonna handle the production. And i’ve been cookin up a bunch of shit i can’t wait to get out. After we release this project i think i’m gonna put out an instrumental album, been wantin to do that for a minute, and i’ve got tons of beats i’m itchin to use, so that’ll be dope. In the meantime, I’ve got some production done for some cats out here, more in the works, and i’m always lookin for more emcees who want heat! Other than that, I’m all about shows!

Any last words for the Senses Lost readers?

Filthy Varmint: Big up to Senses Lost for reachin out. Shouts to Saze, Tenr, Headspace, E.D.G.E. 1, Recs, Bob and Jordan @ Senate Skates, AOK, everyone from BDN, all my crimeys, BBO!! Get at me for updates, booking, anything. Hip Hop is not dead!


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  • tami November 2, 2010, 1:01 am

    This is my son,, in whom I am well pleased,,,I am proud of him,, he is doing what he loves,, and i have heard him and I think he is good at it! of course i am a bit prejudice,,, but He IS my only son,,,,

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