Paint Your Faith Mural in Toronto

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paint Your Faith Mural Toronto

Today is the official unveiling of the Paint Your Faith mural in Toronto. The mural was painted by four talented artists: Elicser, Chor Boogie, Mediah and Siloette. Mediah and Elicser are both artists from Toronto. Siloette and Chor Boogie are visiting artists from San Fransisco. All four artists have been working long hours over the past two weeks to create this amazing mural. The concept of the wall was for the artists to collaboratively interpret what faith means to them on this large wall donated by Metropolitan United Church.

Today all their hard work will be released to the public. There will be an event happening today, September 19th starting at 12pm. The event is being held in front of the Paint Your Faith mural at the Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen Street East, Toronto.

paint your faith mural toronto

paint your faith graffiti wall toronto

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  • Irene Stevens September 19, 2009, 11:01 pm

    Amazing, incredible, awesome. Definitely a labor of love and uplifting spirit.

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