Interview With Bay Area Graffiti’s Steve Rotman

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bay Area Graffiti Book

Here is the intro to an interview with the maker of “Bay Area Graffiti”, Steve Rotman.

“While most people are grinding their days away working for “the man,” Steve Rotman (better known to his online fans as “funkandjazz” is living his dream. He’s out finding the most recent crew production, taking photos of rooftop throwies, seeing who went through and hit up some tags last night or, on a good day, exploring the creepiest abandoned factory you can imagine. All this fueled by his passion for documenting graffiti, an art form that has been deemed illegal, is created by rebels, and oftentimes mastered by kids not old enough to vote.

I met Steve through our mutual interest: hunting graffiti. Over the years we’ve become good friends. I recently sat down with him to talk about his just-released book, Bay Area Graffiti.” – Dan Carlson

Read the interview here.

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