Markers and Inks

  • Markwell X-Wide Marker

    Markwell X-Wide Marker

    The Markwell X-Wide Marker is a high quality paint marker with a wide 2 inch nib. The permanent paint in the marker is weather-proof and highly opaque.

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  • Grog Squeezer Marker

    Grog Squeezer Marker

    The Grog Squeezer Marker, filled with Grog Ink makes for creative tags. The Grog Squeezer Marker is made up of a soft plastic container that gives the opportunity to squeeze out more or less ink.

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  • Grog Squeezer Marker 25

    Grog Squeezer Marker 25

    The Grog Squeezer Marker 25 has 25mm tip and it comes filled with Grog Ink. Normally Grog offered the choice of black, white or chrome ink, now they’ve just released four new colors: blue, red, purple and fuchsia.

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  • Molotow 760PI Masterpiece

    Molotow 760PI Masterpiece

    We had a chance to test out the Molotow 760PI Masterpiece marker recently. We were very impressed with the tags it creates. The Molotow 760PI allows for great control and unique hand styles. It’s large tip also makes for dominating tags.

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  • Oink Ink - Oink Art Ltd

    Oink Art Ltd – Oink Ink

    Oink Art Ltd has been creating one of the most permanent inks available on the market. This hard staining ink has been labeled Oink Ink. The ink comes in five colors to choose from: Rampage Red, Grimy Green, Brutal Blue, Original Black and Violent Violet.

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