Zer Interview (Latina)

zer graffiti painting

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi I’m Dario, in art Zer1, and I’m a graffiti artist from Latina, a small town near Rome.

zer graffiti

What was your influence to start doing graffiti?

Mmm … I came from a small town and almost no one painted when I started. Very few people were pushing at the time (six years ago). My influence is certainly due to the old school bombers of Latina like Deps, Dosh or Spoke that in my opinion influenced the most of the next generation writer of my city.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a can? What did you paint?

I can remember the my first contact with a spray can occurred in a wooded pathway near my home, I was about 13 years and find this half-full can in a bush. So I took it and wrote “thug” on a low wall near my house. It was love at first sight! The sound and the smell of the paint coming out remains in my mind and from there began my passion.

zer graffiti painting

What inspires you to keep doing graffiti?

I love the power and communication that graffiti has. No other kind of art (except music,I’m a drummer) can express the sensibility and personality of the artist who is behind the work,like graffiti does. I keep doing graffiti because I believe in the freedom of expression, but principally as a way to find and realize myself.


How would you describe the graffiti scene in Latina?

Latina is a small town and there isn’t a big graffiti scene. There’s a few kings in the scene that continue to paint and new writers come out. Most of them are simply bombers. Very few people keep graffiti as its purest form and beauty doing high quality works.

zer graffiti painting

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced while out painting?

I was caught three times and arrested. So after this awful experience I decided to do only legal works or to paint on the hall of fame. This was a main point in my evolution as an artist because my style has improved and the quality of my work as well, allowing me to express my best potential.

zer graffiti wall painting

Do you have any good chase stories you can share with us?

Ahahah I would have so many stories to be told that it would take hours! Memorable certainly were the leak from cops or the various hall of fame made in abandoned buildings!

zer graffiti

When was the last time you were out painting? What did you paint?

Mmm…the last illegal wall I painted was about a year ago…good old times ahahah! The last work I did last week with my friend Duez; we wrote HAWANA, the name of our crew.

zer graffiti latina

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I update my site every week with new works/canvases/sketches keep up to date at www.fotolog.com/3s_krew. For any question/draft exchange send an email to zeroneking@hotmail.it

Do you have any last words to share with the Senses Lost readers?

Keep it up motherfuckers!!

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