Trik Interview

trik graffiti market truck

What do you write?
Trik: Trik. It means angry genitals in Arabic.

How long have you been doing graffiti?
Trik: I started in 95 so… shit! Way too long.

Trik solo panel

What was your influence to start doing graffiti?
Trik: Well I was into rap and skateboarding. That’s how I came to know about graff. But it was really my desire to be an asshole to certain people that motivated me to get up.

trik building

How would you describe your style?
Trik: I don’t really have style. I write like a dog pisses.

trik graffiti tag

What do you prefer: Walls, Freights or Bombing?
Trik: Other

trik one panel

You’ve had the chance to paint in various cities. What was your favorite city to paint and why?
Trik: Barcelona was a lot of fun. Montreal too. Both have great parties and are laid out well for bombing. And the girls like graffiti for some reason.

trik freight graffiti

You also had a chance to do a bit of train hopping. Where did you travel? Can you describe to us what it was like to ride the freight trains?
Trik: I caught trains all over North America.

You can often spend days hiding in a bush waiting to catch out. Once on you tuck yourself away in a dark cold hole and while traveling at a snails pace, are constantly haunted by the sounds of thumping, moaning, screeching and wailing of the train. After 20 hours of this you can go pretty fucking mental. Besides that you get incredibly filthy and tired. At times the train will take forever to reach civilization and you end up running out of water or food… or sometimes the engine will just bounce and leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere. If your on a hot shot you may have to jump off into the rocks at full speed in order to get off at your desired stop. Co course you can get books. I’ve never been caught by a bull but have been pulled out at gun point by border patrol. Like a Mexican on one of those shitty TV shows. By the way Mexicans are awesome.

Come to Canada!

Once while hoping west with Causr I woke up freezing in a puddle of water. During the night an extremely violent thunder storm blew in. We were outside on an inter modal that was stacked two trailers high and was the type that didn’t have a bottom dish to sit in so we were just sitting on the edge at the end of the car. So that if we fell then we went straight down to the tracks. Lighting was striking everywhere around us. We were right in the gut of the storm. In the middle of Saskatchewan on probably the flattest stretch of land in the country. Sitting, soaking wet on the tallest thing for miles which of course was made from metal and connected to steel tracks that span miles. All of which in our imagination made for a massive electricity conductor. How could lightening miss us. For sure we were gonna get electrocuted. FUCK WE GONNA DIE!!! The shock would of course throw us into the tracks where we would be mangled and shredded to bits. The whole time we were shaking, freezing from being soaked in blasting wind, trying to wrap our body parts around and bits of the car possible so that maybe we could save ourselves from dropping down to the rails when after being fried. It went on for hours like this. The whole time we were sure we were about to die any second.

Mad stress. But still without a doubt its the ultimate form of travel. .Try it.

trik graffiti rooftop

What was one of the most difficult spots you’ve hit?
Trik: I haven’t really found anything that difficult. Graffiti is pretty easy unless you’re weak or stupid.

trik bombing

You’ve been doing some traveling for the past few years. Where have you been visiting?
Trik: It’s a long, long list but all over Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia and currently North Africa.

Who’s graffiti are you feeling lately?
Trik: Off the top of my head Causr, Utah, Ether, Sens, Fast, Sayme, Dabs, Remix, Evict, Asek, Sever, Jase, Kem5, Pubes, Ren, Skam, Conz, Payes, Mark4, Enter, Tease, Dloe, Gnar, Ochre, Boon, Guilty, Sake, KOPS Crew, BSM, NME, VTS, SMART Crew, my DP fam…

I’m not actually into graffiti. Couldn’t tell you who’s doing what or where. I just like stuff by friends and people I know are cool.

trik hotel

Do you have any good chase stories you can share with us?
Trik: I do but I’m saving them for something… sorry.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
Trik: Mixed race babies.

sens graffiti action

Any last words you’d like to share with the Senses Lost readers?
Trik: Graffiti is kinda gay like hockey. Its cool for a while but eventually you gotta think ‘why am I sporting with these dumb ass dudes all the time?…’ and then go home to your girl.

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  • Ya mom October 28, 2012, 9:23 am

    haha good interview. people like this give me faith real graffiti isnt totally dead yet

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