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Sueme Graffiti

How’d you get the name Sueme?

Sueme: Our world today revolves around money. either your selling your artwork on canvases, or your bombing illegally, it don’t matter, because either way, your diggin’ in someone’s pockets. They pay to remove it or they may pay for it. Sueme came to me because I wanted to say with out money, if i was sued to death for what I do, I would still have my creative self. you can take me from the game but not the game from me.


How long have you been painting?

Sueme: I’ve been painting for about 8 years. I would say I’ve been into Graffiti for close to 10 years now.

Sueme Tag

What got you into graffiti?

Sueme: Vancouver used to be crushed, and there was a lot of it around when I was growing up and in school. I lived in East Vancouver and went to high school on the west side, so I would ride 3 different public buses to school, and 3 more going home. I would see tons of spots out the window on the way to school and I would take a different route home just to see different spots. Not to mention the buses were getting destroyed too, tags, scribes, etch, it was open season!

Sueme Train Graffiti

What’s your favorite type of freight to rock? Why?

Sueme: I’d rather hit a box car over any hopper or auto rack. Any box thats flat along the bottom with no dip is game on. We see a few, to no reefers a year in Vancouver, I know some places get them everyday, it kinda makes them that more special and exciting to paint when I’ve only seen a few around here.

Sueme Freight Graffiti

If you could only use 3 cans of paint from now on, what colours/brand would you choose?

Sueme: Kilz white.

Anything from the last generation of krylon, if i had to pick a colour, probably banner red.

I like that german montana gloss black a lot too.


Is there one particular painting of yours that you can call a favorite?

Sueme: I couldn’t tell ya I haven’t done it yet..

Sueme Graffiti Sketch

Who and/or what are some of your influences?

Sueme: There’s so much out there that inspires me. I look at a lot of art books, magazines and of course tons of shit online.

I’m big on typography and graphic design too. I try to look for inspiration outside of graff, to bring something new to the game.

but as far as graffiti goes, of course my crew has influenced me a ton, and my frequent trips to Toronto, seeing a lot of HSA and all those heads. They kill it.


Who’s art are you feeling?

Sueme: I like a little bit of everything, its hard to say I like something more than the next, because I believe we appreciate art on so many different levels, its hard to say.


You’ve done a bit of traveling with graffiti. Where’s somewhere you’d like to go in the future?

Sueme: Of course I would love to travel the world regardless. I will always enjoy going to SF, or anywhere down the coast. Taipei or across Europe is where I plan on traveling next.

What’s the graffiti scene like in Vancouver?

Sueme: The graffiti scene in Vancouver is what you make of it as a writer.. a lot of talkers and bullshit, City has strict bylaws, and the buff is hard. But, a buff city lets you know who’s painting right now. who ever is up, is whoever is painting. When i travel to another city id be like “yo, i just saw homie’s rooftop, he still doing his thing?” when really he’s dropped graffiti years ago and switched careers 6 times already. the city is always current and changing.

There’s also a TON of talented writers here too. for the size of the city, it sure houses its fair share of talent in the game.

Sueme NWK

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or expierenced while out painting?

Sueme: Probably my first trip to LA with my crew in 2004, it was spring break. Ensoe, Webs, Demos and I made a road trip to LA, stayed in SF bay for the most part. I was only 16 at the time, my homies were a few years older than I. We dropped burners on 4 billboards and did 3 wall productions in one week, caught a few tags, you know, the usual. By the end of it, on the day we were suppose to drive back to Vancouver, we ended up crashing my vehicle beyond a write off, got stranded in Sf for 3 extra days, and got all our shit(new gear bought in LA, cameras, Etc.) stolen from the impound lot. But to this day i still think the trip was worth it,(Laughs), I think it made me love graffiti beyond any circumstances.

What can we expect to see in the future?

Sueme: Always bigger and better things! Stop at nothing, I was taught I can always do better. Expect to see the unexpected from me as well. I plan on tackling some bigger wall productions and murals next year.

Any last words for the Senses Lost readers?

Sueme: Be true to the game, put in your work. Go all the way or don’t go at all, were all either kings or toys in the game. And never be afraid to try something new and different.


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