Noway Interview

noway graffiti truck

Who are you and what do you do?

Just another dude doing my thing.

noway graffiti

How long have you been tattooing and doing graffiti?

Doing rap sprays since 05, so not very long and tattooing for about a year and a bit, I love that shit more than anything.

noway leg tattoo wolf

What was your influence to start doing graffiti?

I always did bubble letters and cartoon fonts and shit, but Coset took myself and ache out one day to do some pieces and I was hooked on that, super fun, you can create something so big really fast.

noway morrison tattoo drawing train engine

Are you a member of any crews? If so what?

NR and WZRDS close friends and good dudes who do their own thing and kill it.

Did you writer anything else before writing Noway?

Nothing worth mentioning just your average toy shit but I kept most my early work to walls, I feel bad for all these younger dudes crushing out trains with total garbage cause your gonna see it again in 5 years and just feel like a stupid asshole for painting such trash on trains.

Over the years of doing graffiti do you have a favorite wall or train you’ve done?

I have a good time every time I spray but I think just painting with out of towners or when you are in a new place that’s the best, painting with Sayno and Iser in Barcelona was really fun, getting to hit a train with ICH and even painting with dudes like Kaput is a real trip because they have been good at what they do for such a long time, but its rad painting with good dudes it forces you to step up your game.

noway hopper graffiti

Do you have a favorite freight train you typically like to paint?

Man hoppers rule, Canada hoppers are dope as fuck, flat and no numbers and shit to really hassle you, flat box cars are pretty cool too but sometimes feels like painting a wall too much, I don’t really care, rolling stock is rolling stock its gonna go somewhere, just nice weather is all I can ask for summer night with the homies some beers and your own spot that shit rules. But it’s funny when you’re painting in -25 or rain asking your self why you are such a loser hahah.

noway tattoo art

Do you think you would have started tattooing if it wasn’t for doing graffiti?

For sure, the two don’t really have anything to do with each other. I just have met the best people through both of these actions.

humming bird tattoo leg

Are their similarities between tattooing and graffiti?

I guess, you are creating something and both go away from you, trains roll away, same with people I bench tattoos hahah. I don’t know graffiti is stressful in a way where you don’t want to get caught or fuck up what your doing, tattooing is on someone for ever so you really get into it and really watch what your doing. Both are fun as fuck.

snake leg tattoo

Do you have a typical style you prefer to tattoo?

Traditional designs or anything with high readability I feel the same way about tattoos and graffiti that I like shit that hits your right away like you just fucking get it. It looks good. Not all wonked out or sketchy. I hate that shit. I just try to do shit that looks nice.

noway tattoo flash cp engine

Who or what do you look for inspiration in your tattooing and graffiti?

There’s so many good dudes in both, as far as tattoo dudes whose work I really like would be Brad fink, vines one, matt areola, Steve Byrne, Todd noble, there’s actually too many to name and I don’t think half the graffiti dudes that go on this site would even know but as far as writers there’s so many dudes who bring good work to the table shit that I like would be Jurne, Kaput, Enron, Honke, Crums, Cameo, Hindue, Erupto327, Deuce7, anyone who just does their own thing and gets good at it.

noway tower graffiti calgary

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Good tattoos and good graffiti is all I can strive for.

noway tattoo flash death

Do you have any last words you’d like to share with the Senses Lost readers?

Open your ears to those who are older, know more, or have done what your doing before you even heard of it. Don’t be a fucking toy on trains man gross ass looking characters and shitty tags on so many cars, try to be on the level with everyone but there are people who are just so fucking clueless and ignorant to what’s up they will never get it and its easier just not to deal with folks like this. Smoke well, eat well, and chill with good people. Talk to your grandparents before they pass away. They lived in a much nicer world then we live in now. If you go for dinner with friends get
off your fucking iPhone, man I can’t stand that shit, your out with your homies but you’re going to dick around on your phone the whole time? Come on son, just generally be nice to everyone but don’t put up with shit heads. Find something you like and try to kill that shit. Life is too short to work some shitty job and waste your time, I have done enough of those jobs and I feel very lucky that I can do something I like to pay the bills. But yeah just fucking put on hyphy
music that makes you feel good and try to boss everyday.


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