Looter Interview

Lewter Graffiti

To start off with. What do you write? Where are you from? What crews do you run with?

Looter: I write looter/lewter/globe, I’m from the screw face capital a.k.a. Toronto and I’m in two established crews, (GH):the Golden Horseshoe and (RC):Reality Check

The GH Crew Graffiti

Where does the name Looter come from?

Looter: It’s originally Looter, I steal a lot of my supplies. Lewter is me just fucking with the spelling. I’ve also wrote Leuter, Loots, Luter, etc.

How long have you been doing graffiti for?

Looter: This is my 10th year, my first piece was in 1999.

Globe Freight Graffiti

What influenced you to start doing graffiti?

Looter: hmm.. I started doodling in my agenda at school, then I got sent to the office for it when I was in grade 7 and once I realized it was a way to piss me teachers off I continued ever since! But what really set me off to graff was riding the Go-Train and seeing Duro, Sader, Causr, KAS crew and KWOTA crews murals. It blew my mind.

Lootem freight graffiti

How often are you out doing graffiti?

Looter: Well I’ve rocked 35 frieghts this month… and that’s full colour. No bullshit. Plus bombing around town, + work, + a girlfriend who’s on my nuts,and I still see my homies all the time.

Globe Loot Bomb

What’s the Toronto graffiti scene like? How would you describe it?

Looter: That’s a tough one.. I’ll start with the old guys, there’s a good handful of writers that are still active that were active when I first started and I’m glad to see them still around (all of HSA, Kwest,Sight,Teck,Causr,Loves,Mediah,Lics). Then there’s my generation who I think has a lot of progression and heart to keep the scene alive. Big walls, big pieces and authentic styles. And then the young guys I find are pretty dope artists but they bite the fuck out of that trendy internet graffiti. For some reason its acceptable in our city. That’s the wack part.

Looter Freight Graffiti

What do you prefer, piecing, bombing or freights?

Looter: Freights .. all day all night.

Globe Water Tower

Out of all the paintings you’ve done is there one you can call a favorite?

Looter: Well I painted a water tower once with my homie Buck, we actually got spotted and cops yelled at us to get down so we obviously finished the hits and made them wait. Long story short, we climbed down and were surrounded then we both booked it, hopped 2 barb wire fences and got away free. I lost a 500.00 digital camera that day but the hits you can see it from a high traffic highway and 2 different commuter trains. About 100,000 people pass it every day!

Globe Bomb

What or who do you consider an influence for you?

Looter: Quanitity and Quality: Kwest, Sueme productions: Duro3, Art Child, Bacon bombing:Grams, Causr

Who’s graffiti have you been feeling lately?

Looter: My crews… Really! They are also my biggest influences.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced while out painting?

Looter: Besides the water tower, I seen my boy Mazer almost get smoked by a VIA train hopping thru 2 lines of boxcars. we were standing there chilling waiting for this VIA to pass and out jumps my homie right onto the mainline! Zoooom! Snow was everywhere so we thought he was dead! Strait goods! But when the snow cleared he was alive and safe and almost shit himself!

GH Wholecar

How many frieght would you say you have painted?

Looter: Well i used to count but when I go paint I usually pop like 3 to 5 in a night. But I usually reach 200 cars a year sometimes a little less and sometimes more but I’ve been hitting around 200 a year for about 8 years now.. so I’m guessing around 1600 panels give or take and about 12 wholecars.

Lewter Wall

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Looter: More quality, I don’t draw so I might practice that and plan out my shit more. Bigger and badder styles. Maybe travel for once.

Globe Bomb

Any last words for the Senses Lost readers?

Looter: Yeah, this ones for the young cats.. If your in it for the long run then don’t try to be the shit right now! Our city is filled with bullshit bombing because dudes without developed styles are trying to be known without putting in the footwork. I did it when I was a kid too. I got dissed! and if you started graffiti within the last year or so… quit!! Before its too late.. Don’t ruin your life like the rest of us!


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