Gums Interview

Gums Fr8 Sluts

What do you write? Where are you from? What crews do you run with?

Gums: Gums, Freight Sluts ,DDB ….Peg City.

Where did the name Gums come from?

Gums: Cause I have no teeth. Hahaha.

Gums Freight Graffiti

Did you rock any names before Gums?

Gums: Detolove, I still do tho.

Gums Freight Graffiti

How long have you been doing graffiti for?

Gums: 1997 and on on.

What influenced you to start doing graffiti?

Gums: Just havin the trains in the back yard pretty much thats all I would see everyday and also hookin up with my homeboy Char back then to.

Gums Graffiti Freight

When was the last time you were out painting?

Gums: Last night. hahaha its fuckin cold tho ..

Gums Zed Bombing

Is there a particular type of freight you’d prefer to hit?

Gums: No not really, whatever there is in the yard its all game …

Do you have a favorite type of paint or a favorite color you tend to use?

Gums: No not really, whatever I can get my hands on is hot ..

Gums Skate Park

What’s the graffiti scene like in Winnipeg?

Gums: POOP…..

Who’s graffiti have you been feeling lately?

Gums: AWR, MSK,and DTC guys, there sick

Gums Saud Freight Graffiti

What’s the craziest thing you’ve either experienced or seen while out painting?

Gums: Well there was this one time when me and Saud were out there we can hear some messed up shit comin out of the bush. I take a look and there was a wolf runnin at us I was like shit I picked up a big ass rock to hit him with it but he just ran past he wanted no part of us. Fuckin bitch…hahahaha

Gums Brandon Graffiti

Do you have any good chase stories you’d like to share with us?

Gums: Well there was one time me and Char were out in the yard I went to look on the other side of the train as I was hoppin over I look down and see like a swat team runin at me and Char I was like shit run we ran everywhere hidin in warehouses and shit haha it was some crazy shit tho ……

Gums Saud Bombing

Any Last words for the Senses Lost readers?

Gums: Be careful out there its a bad world ….. Word up Char, Saud, Dose45, Zed, Bleak, Haze, keep it real ……Drink beeer…peace out …

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