The Portable Firefly Vaporizer

Monday, December 23, 2013

the firefly vaporizer

There are a lot of portable vaporizers available today but the Firefly Vaporizer not only has a sleek design, it offers one very unique feature. The Firefly has a glass viewing port that allows you to see exactly what you’re smoking. Plus, you can see the glow from the proprietary super-alloy heating element, so you know that it’s working.

The Firefly is powered by a hot-swappable li-ion battery pack. The battery requires about 45 minutes to charge fully and lasts roughly 50 hits before dying, though if you’re in a pinch and really gotta light up right now, you can squeeze out about six hits from a 3-5 minute charge, or simply swap it with a fresh (albeit separately sold) battery.

For $270 you can get your own Firefly Vaporizer here.

Source: Gizmodo

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