An Interview with Theotis Jones

Monday, March 25, 2013

theotis jones artwork

A lot can happen in a year, but one thing is for certain, great rewards go to those who put in the work. Example: In 2012, Theotis Jones emerged on the scene and has established himself as one of the internet’s best kept secrets, and as many would say, the best kept secret in visual design’, as well. This self-described, “30 year old, human being who was raised and lives in Virginia”, has been diligently supplying showbills (advertisements) for the popular THE COMBAT JACK SHOW podcast; helping the program build momentum with both listeners and industry-types, worldwide.

He’s no joke! The man’s work is unrivalled and though made for podcasts (the internet?), easily triumphs over the album-art being commissioned by major record labels.

A year later, while still putting in work and showing no signs of slowing down, Theotis Jones took a quick breather to answer a few questions, in this, his first online interview; breaking down the science behind his work, the impact graffiti has on his life, his relationship with the Combat Jack Show, and shows “crew love” to the Loud Speakers Network and all of his INTERNETS/IRL people.

Read the full interview here.

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