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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Montana Prize Pack

Back in August we held a contest for the chance to win one of three Montana prize packs provided by Inflammable. To enter, people had to tell us a story. We had some interesting submissions and it it was hard to choose the three winners. We want to thank everyone for participating.

Here are the three stories that won a Montana prize pack:

So one of the first times i went painting me and my buddy where trying to hit wall that was part of an old dam which could be seen from a old covered bridge on the other side of the river which was a popular swimming spot. When we went out painting it was pretty late at night on a summer evening so we where not expecting to run into anybody. We made our way out to the wall set down our bags and began our work, about halfway through our burners we say 2 sets of headlights pull up on the other side of the river and heard the doors open and people slowly getting out of the cars. We keept on paint as, this was a common spot for kids to come to drink and smoke at night so we didnt think twice about our vistors. about 15 minutes later they started to walk across the bridge, yet what caught our attention is the high powered flashlights they pulled out and started to shine around the surrounding area. My buddy and I stopped our work immediately and hoped onto the other side of the wall. We used the wall as cover as these 4 people where shining their lights inches over our heads at the wall we where just painting. For about 15 minutes these people where searching every inch of the bridge and surrounding area, panning the light around the surrounding area. As they searched almost in a formation my assumption where these where cops out looking for underage drinking as who else brings high powered flashlights to a known drinking spot at 1am and starts searching the area, we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After about 15 minutes and when we could tell that these people where not leaving anytime soon we decided to tuck our bags away into the bushes and head out to see what was up with these people, as without the paint we where doing nothing wrong. The minute we got to the road all the lights where shining on us and we couldn’t see anything but the figures as the quickly approached. As they approached I had my id in hand all ready to talk to the “police” yet when the lights where lowered we where standing face to face with a group of 2 middle aged couples. Shocked, I quickly asked what in the world they where doing out here in the dead of night. They answered with a confident yet almost embarrassed tone, “oh well, this is a old haunted bridge, we are out here tonight ghost hunting”. My jaw dropped as a laughed to myself. As i have learned, you never know what you are gonna run into painting.

Andrew McSweeney

aiight dudes this story isnt the best but hey sharing them shits around is always funny. now im a aprentice tattoo artist in nz and there was two of us at the shop learning the ways of the ink. now im no genious but this other kid had the brain power of a spoon haha. one day this rather large skinhead fellow came into the shop looking for a cheap tat. our bossman told him if he let an apprentice do it he could have it at half price so the dollar conscious colour hater agreed pretty sharply. so off apprentice B went tating”seig heil” across baldies back. i was outside having a smoke when i heard a serioius commotion goin on inside, i wandered in to check what was goin down to find the apprentice halfway through the drywall with a very pissed off aryan dude yelling at the boss pointing at his back and the very fresh “seig hill” ink pressed across his back… long story short apprentice had 3 fractured ribs and double black eyes + lost his job. AAaaannnd the skinhead got a redoe coverup free of charge from the better apprentice … i draw a pretty good luftwaffe eagle if i say so myself … peace


So one night myself as well as two other friends decided to go out and paint along side of the train line.
As we are painting we always have to stop and hide from the occasional GO Train and Freight rolling through so everything is going by pretty normally. Now we all have that one perfectionist painting partner that takes forever to finish there piece and tonight was no different. About 2 hours has passed at this point and while me and the second person where well finished, the third guy isent even close to being done. So realizing we where gonna be there for a while longer I lie down in some grass and tell my friend to wake me up when he’s done his shit. Just as I am about to fall asleep, I see abunch of bright lights flash & someone yells out “FREEZE! DONT MOVE!” I bolted up & ditched my bag and just start running not even realizing who just caught us. Now we where behind an industrial building surrounded by high barbed wire fencing. The only exit in the fence was where we were caught. So filled with adrenaline and lack of vision I jumped ontop of the fence and felt the sting in my palms & fingers as the barb wire dug in. Just as I hit the ground on the other side I looked back and I dident see any one near the wall. I looked right and saw the lights still over near the train tracks bobbing up and down. As the initial shock of things subsided I then saw the police chasing a random group of kids that were drinking on the tracks. The funny part is the cops where right beside us but never saw us painting! I slowly snuck back into the spot and found my friends hiding at the side of the building. I’ve never seen my homie paint that fast in his life to finish up and while leaving the spot I found my ditched bag… it landed in a ditch swamp
of industrial waste, needless to say its where it still is today.

The Instagator

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