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Thursday, July 19, 2012

montana prize pack

Creating art is an experience, and boy the experiences one can have! Sure, most are positive and happy, but what about the rest of them? You know, those stories that make you go “OMG”, “WTF”, “LOL” or “Did that seriously just happen?!?”. We’ve all been there and now we want to hear about these stories (and give you a chance to win free stuff for telling us).

So whether you are a graffiti artist, tattoo artist, designer, illustrator etc. we want to hear from you! Enter to win by sharing your best funny/crazy/FML story below. And please, don’t hold back, because the top three stories will win one of these dope Montana prize packs provided by Inflammable.

Each prize pack contains markers, USB drive, lanyard, drawing pencils, eraser, bag and a bottle of acrylic ink.

To enter for a chance to win one of three prize packs, all you need to do is share your stories in the comment section below. Make sure to include your email address (won’t be published or shared) so we can email the winners. The contest will close August 26th, 2012.

1) Submit your story by August 26th, 2012
2) Submit as many stories as you’d like
3) Make sure to provide an email address with your story

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  • Jimmy J July 19, 2012, 11:49 am

    I’m a tattoo artist and I’ve had my fare share of cover ups over the years but there’s one that stands out in my mind. It was kind of an unexpected tattoo I’d be doing to cover up the old one.

    A couple years ago a woman came into the shop asking if I’d do a cover up over a Winnie the Pooh holding a Canadian flag on her lower back. I mentioned I can see why you’d want it covered up. I asked what she wanted to cover it up with. She said she wanted the exact same tattoo but larger!

    I was left speechless because I felt like I had insulted her by saying I can see why you’d want it covered up. So I ended up doing a larger Winnie the Pooh holding a Canadian flag over the old one.

  • Juice July 19, 2012, 12:11 pm

    One day we a couple of my buddies and I were painting a day time wall in an alley. Everything was good for a good hour or so until a cruiser rolled up on us. We didn’t have anywhere to really go so we just kept painting and acted as if we were supposed to be painting the wall.

    The cop gets out runs straight up to my buddy and starts freaking out about us painting the wall. My buddy responds that we’ve been commissioned to paint a large mural on the wall to prevent graffiti from being painted on the building. The cop stands there for a second and then completely believed the story and left.

    We quickly finished up and bounced before he came back realizing we were just bullshiting him.

  • The Instagator July 19, 2012, 3:12 pm

    So one night myself as well as two other friends decided to go out and paint along side of the train line.
    As we are painting we always have to stop and hide from the occasional GO Train and Freight rolling through so everything is going by pretty normally. Now we all have that one perfectionist painting partner that takes forever to finish there piece and tonight was no different. About 2 hours has passed at this point and while me and the second person where well finished, the third guy isent even close to being done. So realizing we where gonna be there for a while longer I lie down in some grass and tell my friend to wake me up when he’s done his shit. Just as I am about to fall asleep, I see abunch of bright lights flash & someone yells out “FREEZE! DONT MOVE!” I bolted up & ditched my bag and just start running not even realizing who just caught us. Now we where behind an industrial building surrounded by high barbed wire fencing. The only exit in the fence was where we were caught. So filled with adrenaline and lack of vision I jumped ontop of the fence and felt the sting in my palms & fingers as the barb wire dug in. Just as I hit the ground on the other side I looked back and I dident see any one near the wall. I looked right and saw the lights still over near the train tracks bobbing up and down. As the initial shock of things subsided I then saw the police chasing a random group of kids that were drinking on the tracks. The funny part is the cops where right beside us but never saw us painting! I slowly snuck back into the spot and found my friends hiding at the side of the building. I’ve never seen my homie paint that fast in his life to finish up and while leaving the spot I found my ditched bag… it landed in a ditch swamp
    of industrial waste, needless to say its where it still is today.

  • Frankieeee July 20, 2012, 9:08 am

    We was hitting the Frieghts then we saw the spot light of the other train we ran to the other bridge and we went under where we heard the workers so many freights I wanted to bust a nut we stayed under the bridge over an hour finally they left and we saw them heading back to the bridge and they parked the engine then we ran under a highway where they parked the autoraxx we was gonna hit those instead on the box cars but that was further down we hid under the bridge and smoked a blunt then finally we was about to leave to the autoraxxs three more trains started to arrived the whole time we say the workers and getting chased at the end

  • Frankieeee July 20, 2012, 9:18 am

    Me and a couple of CA Kats we’re about to hit these freights that were on a secret spot to hit up. And while we was doing pieces we heard a loud bang like someone hit my truck or a cop that slammed his breaks and hop out the police car I ran to my vehicle and I heard a lady screaming help!! Help!! She had flipped her car while texting and driving me and CA Kats got spooked we helped her and called the police and took off so we won’t look like we was painting..till this day she still tells me thank you

  • jekyll July 20, 2012, 9:47 am
  • Fungoolosh July 20, 2012, 9:49 am

    So I hitchhiked to Barrie ON with a buddy of mine going to look for work and expecting to sleep in the bush.. So were in the bush, having a couple of drinks and everything is going good just as my friend turns to me and says ” I can’t stay here I’m allergic to the grass and pollen”. So We get up to trek back into barrie just as it starts to rain!!
    We find an open shed to crash in for the night, have a couple drinks and do a bit of tagging in the mean time.
    The forecast was saying sun but the sky was saying rain, so we checked into the youth hostel (homeless shelter). It wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying it was so we stayed there for about a week.
    Curfew was 10pm, had to be out by 8am until 5pm for supper… Thursday night rolls around and my one friend from Barrie txts me seeing if I would wanna go to a party and take a party bus! I was like HELLS YEAH, so with the meeting time being 10:30 I booked it out of the homeless shelter knowing if I missed the bus I would be on the street.
    Long story short, I missed the bus. They ended up leaving a couple of minutes earlier. After this the night went to shit!!! They ended up leaving the bus shuttle, we met up and went out for a couple drinks. After this I walked the two ladies back home, I left to go crash somewhere in the big city, possibly the bush!! On the way I pulled out my markers and started tagging like crazy, on anything I seen and anywhere I wanted to. Unluckily for me, I sat down and pulled my marker out for literally 20seconds, started tagging and five pig’s pulled up that seen me tagging.
    So instead of sleeping in the bush I got a cell and a weekend away into penetanguishene Jail.. Now I’m at home on Bail and my court day is Monday!!
    Cheers everyone*

  • kitch July 20, 2012, 9:54 am

    JONESING, (craving narcotics) we’ve all bin there…. ganja-less stranded sober as fuck questioning now what am I going to do??

    So, this one night i ran out of chronic right? so i start shuffling around trying to figure out how the fuck I’m gonna get to sleep when i decide to go paint a piece at a local spot i love. Previously being pretty baked i now had the munchies so I proceeded to my local pizzeria (i call it sketchy pizza cause its where crackheads meet their dealers in my hood) So i cruise right in, like normal I’m surrounded by big black guys “hangin out” -_- suurrreee anyways i order my pizza and on the way out this big mofo steps in front of me and says ” what are you some kind of FAGGOT?” he then proceeded to tell me i don’t “belong” in his neighbour hood apparently because my 511’s aren’t his style.

    I get my pizza home eat 2 slices and lift the 3rd BOOM big ass dead cockroach right there………FUCKING GREAT! Safe to say i lost my appetite, Realizing that today really fucking sucked, i went out painting. I Have my most of my fill up and I’m doing little nik-nakky things and such and then all of a sudden… i have to shit. Not like maybe i can hold it shit but like its coming now. I run over to a small bush in the far dark corner and shit green apple splatters, NO FUCKING JOKE….. Soooo when this day could no longer get any worse, on my way back to my paint spot (after using a leaf in a way it should not be used) i see someones lights come on as a row of houses back onto this factory property.
    Curious i just stand for a second to see if its a threat or not when THAT MOFO from the pizza place comes out into the room and looks out the window. After fumbling with the blinds he gives up and walks out of sight, so i continued my peice and just when i was all done i looked at the window again and he was jacking off in front of some other dude!?! i was all like o_o WHAT THE FUCK?!! Another homophobic closet homo, I know it was him too the pizza place is just down the road. weirdest day/night of my life.

  • R3S3S July 20, 2012, 9:58 am

    Back in 1986 my crew mates and I went bombing on a cold night in Miami three days before Christmas eve on US1 which at the time was one of the greatest spots to get up so we park down the street to hit this huge wall and I start getting this funny feeling in other words I pussied out I told them not to go but they decided to go hit it anyways so I’m in the car waiting for them and they are taking a long time so I got off to check out what they did and five-0 pulls up and we get caught so the cops start f***ing with us playing pranks and all that BS and decided to tell since its Christmas he will let us go if we can do something for them so my boy said what the cop said empty out the cans in the grass and sing Jingle Bells down the street and shake the cans while doing it so we did and they let us go (True Story)

  • Tize July 20, 2012, 10:13 am

    one day we were bombing in town it was middle of the day, we done a big roller in a car park until about 6 oclock and had 2mins to get all of the rollers and buckets of paint out without the guy in the carpark seeing us.. we managed to get that out and into the car without any bother from him so we thought “its getting sort of quiet, we could do that spot in the middle of the street there” i done it as my two buddys kept watch finished it and as soon as they walk towards me my buddy shouts “COPS!” we ran down a one way street and through an alley where people were having there dinner and they were all staring at us.. we look round the corner and walk across the street. we had lost them.. on the way back to get a train home theres a shutter so my buddy desides to hit it up and just as he has it finished the shutter rolls up and a guy comes running out with a crowbar so we sprint down the street with him chasing us and after chasing us down the middle of town he loses his breath and stops so we keep running until he cant see us. we get into the train station and get the train home.. what a day.

  • Seagrams July 20, 2012, 10:16 am

    One night some buddies and i were out at our usual spot painting and what. Generally a chill spot to smoke, drink, whatever it may be. So this one night in the midst of my piece some cops roll up and we all start freaking and ready to run. As we take off, paint in hands and bags heavy on back another cop comes from the other side to corner us all in. Glad i didnt choose that day to smoke cause i would have been tweakin. Anyway as we get cornered in the one cop still in the car shouts over his speaker “dont run! Let us have a word with you!” Thinking im mr. Sauve with my bullshiting and words i tell my buds to say and let me do the talking.

    Before i start up my act the cops asks us for the paints. So after i hand him a can he begins to share the work he used to do and starts teaching us how to strengthen and develop our linework… shows us pics the whole deal.

    He definitely put my work to shame and when he finishes he says “best of luck, and stick with your passion not matter what it may be”. Hands down best painting/cop experience of my life.

  • ERACK.ATTACK July 20, 2012, 10:26 am

    i was painting a wall once with kwue and exit and i was pretty much wrapped up.kwue was rocking a character up on the roof in which i tossed the cans up for him My reputation is that i always manage to somehow get more paint on myself then the wall but this day i managed tostay pretty clean.When kwue finished painting he called for me to catch the cans.Logicly thinking,i figured he was going to toss me one can at a time but of course i was wrong.Not only dit he not toss them one at a time but he tosse em in seperate directions!Caught off guard they hit the floor causing a full white MTN94 to be punctured and explode right in front of me.It sprayed everywhere and i was completely covered in white paint.Not only did i have to endure th laughter and cold blast of aerosol but i had errends to run before i got home leaving me no choice but to take the ferry into lower manhatten with both my wife and kid covered in white paint.i looked like Casper and it took a week to completely remove all of the paint!

  • hardecoreshits July 20, 2012, 10:31 am

    so like one time, me and my cats were out way past our kerphiew hitting heaven spots. at first we ran into some kid who was a toy and went over his shit, but that was too easy so we decided to hit some overpasses. when i was doing my muralburnerpiece on the overpass sign i fell because i smoked 4 whole pots and drank like 2 beer. but i happened to fall onto a sleep country open top convertible that was transporting mattresses and was fine, i also racked all the mattresses so now i have 20 mattresses in my room, and i smoked marijawanas like all the time, and one time i drank like 3 whole bottles of corona, i got soooo fucked.

  • uh-oh. July 20, 2012, 10:35 am

    Well like i live in a pretty small town. It was me and my other friend out for a late night tag sesh. We were catching tag’s on this main road kind of far from my house. We are riding bikes so we can hit all the signs the smallest amount of time possible. So we are out here just biking along the road finishing up most of the signs and we hear a few bangs from like 100 yards up the road. We stay far back enough to keep clear from these kids. We soon find husks of corn flying out of corn field hitting cars. A car passes us and we are just chilling so it didn’t matter. Then all of sudden the guy slams on his brakes making a loud skidding noise. He’s yelling at these kids giving them 3 minutes to walk out of the corn field until he calls the police. We take our bikes slowly and carefully across the street into another corn field. (might have not been the smartest idea) We are watching and watching as more cars build up to see what this guy is stopped for. He says back “there’s fucking kids in the corn field throwing corn husks at my fucking car”! The guy was furious. Then like 3 cop cars show up. Yeah they need three cop cars. The corn is still and we can’t see any of the kids. I guess they dipped back far into the corn field. The cops come out with search lights, peering into the corn field from the perimeter. About 15 minutes go bye. Then the cops give up. (hahaha) They leave and tell the guy to leave because the kids are gone by now. Then we watch the kids come out the corn. After the cops left and all of the cars left, We left. We just biked back home… A few laughs ended that night. They were probably just some rednecks.

  • emanuel lazarit July 20, 2012, 10:37 am

    it all started one thursday night. i had just finished doing a tattoo around 8pm and i still had some fresh paint left so i decided to go tag with my buddy and girlfriend. we had decided to hit a spot by the freeway were everyone could see it coming off the ramp. it was on the roof of an abondoned bowling alley. the roof was jank looked like we would fall in. so i had this pretty sick piece going on all i needed left was the outline and shading. i knew something felt wrong like if i wasnt supose to be there. i tell my friend and girl to wait in the car bc im almost thing i know a girl cop screamS “HEEEEEY!” I turned back scared and i started running to the stairs because she was a girl and i could out run her lol. well thats not the case i booked it my shoe made a hole in the roof…i lost my fav shoe :( and to top it off i fell off the roof and broke a rib, wrist, and and feemer. my friend and girl picked me up and put me on the back of the truck and booked it lol. we went to a hospital out of state which was abt 45 min so the cops wouldnt be waiting at the hospital back home. left the hospital 3 weeks later and slowly recovered and got back on the streets :) . that was one lucky night…but also bad cuzz of my injuries lol

  • big nemo July 20, 2012, 10:38 am

    so this one time me my cousin and my 2 main homies go paint under the bridge usely preety chill thier so we get the cans out we start sprayin away then out the corner of my eye there was 2 black suvs parked in the grass so i was like watever some people just parked theier with the same car lol so i keep paintin then my cousin says yo there video tapein us i say wtf and throw up my hood my cousin decides to pull down his fuckin pants and throw up his ass to the car and they get out and 8 cops no word of a lie start running fulll fucking sprint at us so we run as fast as we can dip under the fence and keep runnin and then up the street we see more cruisers comein so we dip into a back yard hop the fence and ran to tacobell and chiiled out intill the heat was gone !THE END

  • jeremy ochoa July 20, 2012, 10:43 am

    one boring day i decided me and my cousin go out and hit up some places so we went to a ditch and did some mad throwups when we saw some gang or something telling us off saying “this is our spot so get the fuck out of here” and we were like “shut the fuck up we were here first ” so one of the guys gets mad and trys to pull a gun! and my cousin is like HOLY SHIT RUN! we had got away but we almost could have lost our lifes.after we had got out of there we herd the police from blocks down we had herd gun shots we had gone bombing and all that shit had happened to us! the next day we went back to the same place and they had went over our throwups so we decided that it wasnt gonna go down like so we went over them right when were gonna leave we spotted them againwe were lucky this time they didnt have a gun with them but my cousin had beef with this other guy so they started fighting but like five mins after the cops showed up my cousin had to go to the police station with them and they fucked around with us a few hours there we were lucky the cops didnt know we were doing graffiti but they saw somepeople fighting when we were let go we went home and no one even what the fuck happened TRUE STORY

  • Alex Drinks July 20, 2012, 10:50 am

    On the last friday the 13th, me and 4 of my homies where cruising around the city So i decided to flick one of my sickest spots that was right on a main street.So we mobbed, once we got there i flicked it a couple times after that we dipped the spot.While we where skating away 2 police cars jump into the negative car lane That when i knew something was about to go down. Well once they turned on there sirens we all dipped in different directions.I started running across the street with my board in my hand and almost got hit by a car So i keep running my throat is just burning like crazy And out of no where i spot my homie running too so i catch up to him andd he just stops and starts puking Then 3 police cars blocks us in crazy we were not even running any more and they just tackle us crazy! Police brutality. Then they arest us and take us to the police station where we waited like 2 hours and then our other 3 homies showed up ahaha But the funny part is that we all got cought But what happend after was just fucked up.

  • Gabe Coles July 20, 2012, 10:56 am

    So one night me and two friends went to go bombing. It was about 2 am so most roads didn’t have much traffic. We decide since there’s basically no one on the roads to hit the busiest road in town. We park the car in a hidden spot and start throwing up our names on everything, just running across the road n shit, just making sure to hit everything cause it wasn’t common for it to be so silent. then right as were all doing fuckin big filled throwie on a visible part of the road, we see headlights. We duck behind some bushes and the car just drives by, just a normal citizen. So we go back out and finish our throwies, right as were finishing up , the same car rolls up. A guy gets out and come yellings ” come here you vandals!” we all run in separate directions. Me and one friend meet up and the the car rolls by again and stops. i see my other homie running towards the car. I get up and start running, the guy gets out and chases me, and i realize my other friend stayed back. I see my homie get in the car and start it, he saw me though so he waited. We drive as fast as possibly to where our friend was, but just then the guy comes driving up to us. we drive away at like 80 now on small backstreets. the guy is still chasing us. He chases us for a good 5 mins going fuckin 80 on neighbor streets. We get out onto the main street with the guy still on us. Suddenly we hear gun shots and i look out the passenger window and the little bitch is shooting at us. we speed up and drive in circles around buildings, all over side streets, all across the big main street. then we finally lose him after like 15 mins. we chill smoke a joint and some cigs, have a couple shots and smoke another joint. we just chilled for like 30 mins then we drove back to where i lost saw our friend. We called his name and he came running up. we dip to the other side of town and fell asleep in the car in a park.

  • tizzy wrights July 20, 2012, 11:02 am

    so me and my buddys are just kickin it one night drinkin smokein you know aha the fun stuff then i was like yo lets go bomb that freeway sign so i go in my room get my can a chrome and my can of black then i slip on my nikes and then we dip out so were walkin to the spot this took place in detroit btw so were just walkin and walkin and finnaly we get to the spot and i say yoo you ready for this man he said ready as ever i remeber his exact words so the situation was you go to the top of the bridge and hang off it then drop on the walk path on the sign so we both dropped down i gotta buzz goin right now so like im trippin a lil aha so then i start sprayin just back and forth back and forth then if a cop didint go right under neith the sign i was like no way he saw us then 2 mins later he came back on the other side of the hi way but he pulled over that time i said yo im finishing this my fren hopped up and he said yo ill meet you at the crib he dippped out so im finishing my shit in a hurry i hop up and that cops already walkin up the other side of the bridge so i dip out the other way witch is a forest so then i dont even know why but once i go to the other i was out of the cops view so i threw up my thum cause i saw cars were comein then this car pulls over if it wasent my fuckin grandma ahahahahah i jump in the back and laydown and ya she saved my life aha love you grandma

  • Tad V. July 20, 2012, 12:00 pm

    So i have a condition where its hard for me to walk for long distances so i use a wheelchair to get around. I have always had an obsession with graffiti, but didn’t start tagging till i was in college and had like minded people around me. I always carry a marker of some sort in my pocket and will go roll around town late at night writing on everything i can find. On this particular night it was dark and rainy so i thought perfect time to go tag, no one will be around. Boy was I wrong. I started by throwing up some hearts on some power junction boxes then saw this dumpster at the end of an alley. The street light above this dumpster is sketchy and turns off for a few minutes at a time. I rolled up to this puppy and start to write on it when I hear someone coming towards me so i back my wheelchair up next to the dumpster hoping no one sees me when BAM the light shuts off. Right at that moment a group of people walk by as i’m lurking in the shadows. They walked right by me i couldn’t believe it. After that close call i started going out later when NO ONE is around.

  • MR ZONE July 20, 2012, 12:01 pm

    I’m a graffiti artist from South Africa.I stay in port where I stay there’s’no graffiti shops or aartists.I just came back from a holiday in johannesburg wich is our capital.there graffiti is quite big.During my holiday I met South africa’s best graffiti artist named Rasty.he own his own graffiti shop called grayscale.when i started graffiti I didn’t come from a artist background,with no big brands of graffiti supplies where I stay,to keep my graffiti career alive was difficult because it ment ordering online from bombing science or art wasn’t that much when I met rasty and found out he stocks all the great brands like Montana and Molotow products and spraypaint I now can let my creativity flow.I even met Rasty’s crew named Pcp crew.So now that I can get all the great graffiti markers and spraypaint I now get paid for canvases and I do walls.its difficult to get my name out there but from watching video’s from Sheva,ironlak crew,famous1,Dare,Rime I soon picked up the art and now doing well.I take part in battles.I hope one day I can go to America to do graffiti there

  • Chase Gschweng July 20, 2012, 12:14 pm

    I met this cat one time, with the craziest of grins and a pale white face to display all of his sins. He had a drippy handstyle that was seen around town and he would cover up my pieces every time I’d lay em down. He was the Wicked Clown, and my number one enemy. I caught him underneath the tunnel drinking Hennessy. Blasting over one of my tags like he’s a friend of me, but no “My name’s Easy and you’ve offended me.” I went to reach, and grab that sucka by the hair, but then he sprayed me in the face and there was nobody there. I saw a glare and felt a kick to my chest followed by a harsh blow and I was laid to rest. About a half hour later awoke in the same spot, I saw the clown went and covered my burner with ink blots. I picked up my mop, wiped the snot from my nose and felt the paint in my eyeballs steady in a doze. I arose, with some vengeance on my mind state, anger in my veins I want to increase the crime rate. It’s blind fate – striking back to my residence, thinking about that clown makes me want to pull dead presidents. It’s evident that the fool done fucked me up, so I call up the MadSci and tell him whats up “I got 15 cans, 12 colors and more. We bout to go out bombing later just to settle the score.” and right before I heard the dial tone hit the floor, I heard my man reply, “Nigga say no more.” He’s out the door, and he’s headed to my home where I’m sitting at my desk puffin blunts to my dome. Sorting out the colors between black and chrome, I’m thinking how I’m going to make this clown feel alone. He’s a clone, and he’s about to get regurgitated – got a leg up cause the kid is always faded. Degraded when he stomped me at the tracks, so instead of looking for him, I just went right back. Like that, I see the clown spraying big bubbles. Now it’s my time to turn that glass jaw to rubble. I lay him out smooth and start stomping his face, while the MadSci puts a new throw up in his place. And in case he ever decided to start painting again, I need to show him some guidelines to share with his friends. I took a pen, and I jammed it in his chest, covered all his pieces while choose what colors best. I chose a red can, and emptied it in the ground – dipped his face into it, now he really is a clown.

  • JohnnyBoy July 20, 2012, 12:38 pm

    Hello everybody here it goes,one night me and my people went painting the subway,we reached the yard and we waited for a subway to go inside the hangar it was like 1:30 in the morning,while i was waiting i made a spliff,smoke it with my friend untill we choked up,now we had 2 big fences to jump security all over the place,we jumped the first fence my head was spining,and after the first fence the subway was going up and down they where checking everything,after we jumped we saw the subway coming,no time to jump the second ffence and run in the tunel,so we hide in some very very small bushes,the subway came and it was right over me i almost could touch it with my nose,we remained calm the subway got back,jumped the second fence went in the tunnel painted 3 ,4 hours,got out like 5 in the morning,we met some drivers when we got out we said Good Morning,they responded:Good Morning boys,finished the job everything good yes?…

  • ernesto avila July 20, 2012, 1:25 pm

    one day i was hittin up this wall by some old factories it was during they day while i was finishing my piece this older lady saw me and asked what i was doing as i explained she seemed interested so she asked if she could try to spray and i said sure she sprayed the wall next to my piece and after she gave me my can back she asked me if i could do a piece behind her house i asked her if she was sure about that she said yes i explained that i didnt have enough paint and i didnt have money so she offered me 100 bucks to do the piece i said yes i drove to her house and i just bought the paint that i needed i started to do the piece and after like 2 hours i finshed her piece as i was leaving her husband was coming from work when he saw the piece he tolde her that he was going to paint over it i was like you guys can do whatever you want then i left like a week after i drove by her house and i could still see my piece on the back of her house that was one of the funniest stories that has ever happened to me

  • dean July 20, 2012, 1:28 pm

    so me and my friend get in shit from the principle for taggin the school.. talks the the police, get us in shit even more.. gives us conditions so we cant hang out, buy paint nothin like that.. u know. so after thats done im grounded. cops call n say they discovered more tags around town.. so they want to press charges. even tho they were all done at the same time. so it wouldnt make sense to press the charges.a boat guy calls and said that his boat was tagged.. cops find it was my tag and had 2 pay 900$ for the boat

  • Cmoney July 20, 2012, 1:30 pm

    One night me and w few buddies decide to make a night trip to sf, the big city for our first time, it took us forever to get there and we had gotten stuck on the bay bridge for about 3 hours because of construction. we finally make it into the city around 2 am and start walking around to do some bombing. The night goes good and we probably get up like 10 throw ups each in highly visible spots and think its all good when i notice that a grey crown victoria have been slowly following us for about 4 blocks. I tell my friends to cool it and keep walking as if we weren’t doing anything. as we head back to my car, the grey crown starts to sped and and another one shortly behind him follows. In a busy intersection 2 huge cops jump out of the cars and slam us against this concrete wall. my friend gets punched in the face and we are all put in hand cuffs. They start talking so much shit and questioning us as usual, and by looks of it, were all going to jail…. until I say, “my dad is a cop”. end of story they let us go with no further questions asked.

  • Daniel d July 20, 2012, 2:49 pm

    So one night i decided to go writing by myself because no one was available, it was about four in the morning so it was still pretty damn dark and i started to walk the streets looking for spots to hit up. after walking around for a while i decide to take this short cut through this street that was ghetto as fuck with a bunch of apartments full of dealers and bums, in the distance i noticed a guy a staring straight towards my direction, i couldn’t tell if he was a hobo or not but the point is he was following me. that’s when i started tripping out and i started to walk away quickly, and i took a bunch short cuts but somehow he was still on to me so then i started that time at night the streets were completely empty so i ran across lots of streets to get away, that bum chased me for 10 minutes straight until i finally lost him somehow.

  • Ty P July 20, 2012, 2:52 pm

    Alright, here is a pretty decent story of mine. Probably about a year or two ago, I was out doing a piece and hanging out with a friend. He was mainly just hanging out and keeping watch. It was on a pretty bust industrial road, but it was 3 AM, so it was pretty dead. After about half way into the piece, he told me that he saw a car coming, so i dropped my cans in my bag, and walked away casually before the car came. Well, the car ended up being a cop, so being as paranoid as I am, I dropped my bag behind a guard rail and went up a different road to wait a little while. So about 45 minutes passed and we decided to head back to grab my bag, but as we got close to the area where my bag was, we realized that there were three cars parked next to the guard rail. We waited up the street for a while to see if they would leave, but no one moved. After another 30 minutes, a cop pulled up to the group of cars, they talked for a while, and then the three original cars left. We waited a little longer to see what the cop was doing, but we were too far away to see clearly. Eventually he got in his car and started driving up the street in our direction. He pulled up next to us as we were walking and asked if we knew anything about an orange backpack(mine), because some lady called the police and thought it was a bomb. Apparently she saw one of those stupid “if you see something, say something” commercials on TV, saw my backpack on the side of a road, and called the police. Anyway, I was about to just say “yea, its my back from school” because my high school was right down the block., but my friend interrupted me and said “nope, sorry, we’re just out for a jog” and started walking away. Little did he know, I had my camera in that bag, along with school work, with my NAME on it. I ended up having to go to the police station to claim it. They wouldn’t give it back to me because it was linked to a potential “vandalism case” they found my Spanish notebook, with doodles in it. They told me that they knew it was my planning book and were going to hold on to it until they could prove I was a writer. Luckily, it wasn’t actually my black book, they were just dumb doodles from high school. Also, they couldn’t link me to the piece up the street because all of the colors that were used in the piece fell out of the bag, and rolled down the hill. Thank you gravity, for saving my ass.

  • Evan July 20, 2012, 3:13 pm

    One night i was doing some highway Bombing and i had to cross a 4 lane highway in the middle of the night so i waited till there was a space to cross and i bookd it, as soon as i pretty much got to the last lane i sliped on something and fall flat on my ass in to the thing i sliped on so i got up and relize that i just sliped and fell into… a rotting racoon, so so i ran to a gas station went in the bathroom and clean began to clean the remains of dead racoon off my shoes legs and ass…True Story

  • William Rubalcava July 20, 2012, 3:24 pm

    My friends and i went to go paint a train yard a couple days ago.So when we where painting we heard a noise we all hide and i rolled under the train. Then we waited like 5 mins then we went back to painting.Then 20 minutes go by and we hear some one walking so we all hide and i hide under the train again. Then i see someone standing right in front of me and in my head i was like ooo shit i got caught but then i hear someone shaking a can.I was thinking WTF then i hear it start spraying.I was stunned then the person said “im not going to get you guys in trouble” so i was hesitating at first then i was like what ever, then i crawled out from under the train.And the guy was a security guard he said “you guys have some talent and you remind me of when i used to paint the trains in NY when i was about your age” me and my friend where like WTF!! The guy was cool he let us finish and did a throwie of seek. Then said “when you guys leave be careful not to get picked up by the cops on the way home.” So my friends and i left and got back safe and we just amazed because you never get to see any thing like that in your life and if you do you are lucky.

  • William July 20, 2012, 3:25 pm

    My friends and i went to go paint a train yard a couple days ago.So when we where painting we heard a noise we all hide and i rolled under the train. Then we waited like 5 mins then we went back to painting.Then 20 minutes go by and we hear some one walking so we all hide and i hide under the train again. Then i see someone standing right in front of me and in my head i was like ooo shit i got caught but then i hear someone shaking a can.I was thinking WTF then i hear it start spraying.I was stunned then the person said “im not going to get you guys in trouble” so i was hesitating at first then i was like what ever, then i crawled out from under the train.And the guy was a security guard he said “you guys have some talent and you remind me of when i used to paint the trains in NY when i was about your age” me and my friend where like WTF!! The guy was cool he let us finish and did a throwie of seek. Then said “when you guys leave be careful not to get picked up by the cops on the way home.” So my friends and i left and got back safe and we just amazed because you never get to see any thing like that in your life and if you do you are lucky. :)

  • zeroe July 20, 2012, 3:37 pm

    This actually just happened like a few days ago, i went to paint a freeway spot so i had a friend drop me off at the spot. i got to the spot painted my piece and everything went smoothly, so i called my friend to come back for me. he came back for me and i thought it would be faster if i just hopped in the bed of his truck. everything was going good we were on the way home and for some reason when we were up the street from my house i got the bright idea to stand up in the back of the truck. my friend takes a sharp turn and i end up flying out of the truck and onto my face luckily for me the mixture of adrenaline and booze made it less painful. i went to the doctor and nothing is wrong except a cut above my eyebrow and half my face is scraped up…

  • Drake July 20, 2012, 4:01 pm

    Just last week I had walked up the street, about half an hour away from my home. I went to a wall where im in a current battle with some other crew. So I was in the middle of the peice and next thing you know none of my cans want to work anymore besides two cans so I had to top it off with the result of nothing turning out the way I wanted to. So I begun walking back.

    When walking back I had spotted a police cruiser waiting in the parking lot I need to go threw. They wait there ever so often to look out for speeders and any one lurking around at 1 in the morning. So I
    Reyes waiting it out. So im sitting their for almost an hour. I decided to try to find a way around. I took the street that looked like it would come out onto a way back to my home. To turn out I walked this street for no reason but to turn around.

    I end up back to the parking lot 45 minutes later. The cop is not there anymore. I walk behind the building so im not out in the open. I turn the corner a cop is right their, he spots me and starts yelling. I take off running. He’s chasing after me now. I took a turn and run into the closest woods. I finally got away.

    But here’s the shitty part as im finally walking I don’t realize their is a 6 foot drop on this hill. The ground was still wet from the rain earlier that day. I feel down this drop and twisted my ankle. It took me another hour to find my home with the downside of my ankle throbbing in pain.

    A few days later I walk back to the wall to turn out I did all that shit for someone to go over my stuff once again.

  • Klypzo July 20, 2012, 4:17 pm

    I am the artist known as Klypzo.


    I’m a seventeen year old senior, about to graduate from a charter school, I don’t really have more than a couple homies and a best friend (whom I also dated for a year but since she broke our trust can’t be with) but I do have my job, which can finance my car and my expenses(Can’t afford much art supplies anymore since im saving to move out, which is why I’d love this set of markers ;) ), and my art, which can finance my happiness.~
    After rehitting all my spots night after night after night I’ve come to realize that once you have enough hits cops WILL remember who you are, and to them you’ll be a celebrity.
    It was about 11:30pm right before everything starts getting quiet, me in my usual, pajama pants, tight fit shirt, backpack with 4 rusto’s, 3 All City Markers, some stickers I made throughout the week, my blackbook, a sweatshirt, and a big black mop.
    Left the weedstuff at home because I don’t bring what I’m not prepared to lose, nonetheless a couple bong hits before leaving home never hurt anyone. I took my phone out of my pocket and started heading down the street towards my buddy’s house, his name is Q, I texted up Q told him I’m almost there and he said “cant 2 nite my mom is stil awake”.
    So I started walking towards the urban part of town, where businesses were still open and the bright fluorescent glow of the Taco Bell’s and Walgreen’s signs shone brightly. I casually applied “K-LyP-z0–>” stickers on some posts and took out a mini blue marker and put down handstyles wherever I’d find smooth surfaces I did maybe 6, stashed my shit, turned a corner and saw some people walking past me and a couple cop cars parked, as if waiting for something to happen, or someone like me to come through, and slip.
    I walked steadily past the cop cars as the patrons inside glared at me like I was bacon, I nodded and smiled and they didnt react, I kept walking and took the next turn, with this turn came the mistake, the root of the event, I took the turn 1/16th of a second too soon and bonked my head on the wall, bounced off and hit the floor, looked at the officers, layed there for a couple seconds dazed, then shot up and picked myself up off the floor pulled my backpack on, hoping the clanging of the cans and the urgency of my departure wouldnt make me appear too guilty, and I bolted across the street keeping out of their line of sight, clicked the straps on my backpack together so I could run securely and jumped over a low wall leading to a storm tunnel(notorious in the area for graffiti) I got in the tunnel and sat, not making a sound. I tried to go deeper in but it was blocked by metal and large amounts of dirt. I ran out of the tunnel and behind the building it was between, ran down the alley, came out the other side and saw no cars or people, took a can out and wrote cleanly on a big ass wall ,”The Day That You Almost Caught Klypzo 2/8/2012″
    put a sticker on a sign right next to it, and started heading home at about 2:00am sore from the previous couple nights I’d actually bomb and not run from piglets.
    But then Q calls me outta no where, I tell him what happened, he gets so excited he wants to do round 2 on the same night, across town on a different street.
    I get home, hop in my car, pick up Q, smoke a few, distribute supplies, drop the backpack and go purely pockets, after bombing for an hour and a half, using up a couple cans and markers, havin a blast, a helicopter with a spotlight shines on me and Q, and we see a cop car with its lights on in the distance driving towards us,
    THE AMOUNT OF ADRENALINE pumping through our veins would’ve killed many heart patients, I dropped my can he dropped his marker and we took off opposite directions, We’ve planned for this many times.
    He was gone the spotlight didnt know who to follow, it chose him after a couple seconds and the police car wasnt close enough to see either of us, I was safe I got a good distance and got low in a bush with a tree as cover, I sat and waited as a police car pulled up to the wall, and then went the direction of the spotlight, which had my intestines in a bind….. if Q gets caught again he’s serving time on a suspended sentance, luckily the little trash rat got hit ass to a dumpster and the spotlight gave up. We eventually went home at 4ish, call it 3:50am. He got in safe, and when I laid down my head on my pillow I felt a burning aching pain in my head, “sigh” I almost forgot about the wall.

  • evi.b July 20, 2012, 6:35 pm

    I was homeless at the time working a part time job and sleeping in my car but one night i just said fuck it and spent my whole paycheck on spraypaint and started bombing my whole town. i was out all night and about 10 bombs deep. there was this wall under an over pass that id been wanting to tag for days so i parked my car in a parking lot around the corner from it, got my paint a started heading towards it. right when i get undernieth it i see a car driving towards me and it just so happend to be a damn cop, so i stealthfuly hid behind a concrete pillar. didnt think he saw me but then i see him slow down and to turn around up the street. paint on my hands, paint in my bag, priors… yeah so i immediately started running, hopped a fence, and hid for a while. i can see his spot light searchin and what not, but after about half hour or so cost was clear so i went back and did what i came there to do!

  • daken July 20, 2012, 7:11 pm

    So one night i went out spraying witout my look out cos he was busy or some shit,I was up on this ledge of a building,Bombing this dope peice when suddenly this cop car turned on there sirens at the end of the street.As any writer would i jumped off the ledge an busted up my leg real bad.i managed to jump round the corner an saw a sleeping homeless dude, I grabed some old rags that were next to him,wraped myself up and picked up a nearly empty bottle of jack.By the time the cops came round the corner i was sitting on the ground,The pigs came up to me an asked if i saw a punk with a busted leg come past an i just pointed a random way an grunted-best getaway ever just like a cartoon haha

  • Josh Kovacs July 21, 2012, 4:01 am

    so, my friend told me about this really chill spot out where he lives , and he lives very far out of town, in a dense forested area with lots of farms around. so i go to his house, we grab some bikes and start riding out. the spot was probably about 15 minutes away, most of it uphill. i was really wondering what kind of spot could be out here, there was nothing really but the road and trees. but we finally got there. there were these two round drum/tank like things, probably to hold gas or something. anyway, we start painting. if either of us heard a car, we would go back behind the two tanks. which were sort of pressed up to the side of a steep hill side, so while behind them you couldn’t go anywhere. after a while of painting a few cars had gone by, nothing unusual. but then we hear another car, we didn’t think anything of it, so we went behind the tanks to let it pass. but as it got closer, it began to slow down, you could hear the little crunches of rock as it came off of the road and stopped on the gravel. we were thinking he was probably looking for something in his car, and was going to drive away soon. but then he opened the car door and got out. at this point we were shitting it, because we thought it was a cop. he stopped right in front of our unfinished pieces. he could have come around the corner any minute and see us with our paint. we were sitting ducks, trapped behind these tanks. so all we could do was sit and wait. after about a solid 10 minutes of the guy walking around and checking things out, he finally got back in and began to pull away. needless to say, we finished up quick, got a flick and peaced.

  • Justin Johnson July 21, 2012, 12:44 pm

    one day i was at the free wall, down where i live and this other writer thought he was proving somthing, so he decideds to hop on the train with a buncha people around, me him, and a few others get busted, me being a mastermind of evading charges they look threw alllll my shit thinkin there all funny then tell me, “oh you think your an artest, alright write your tag in this handbook”, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handbook flips to a blank page, and gives me a pen, i perceed to write some squiggaly lines that make no sence at all and a happy face :D make up a random word ON THE SPOT then i get told hes the head of the graffiti task force, although appartly every cop i meet is -.-, so he looks me in the eye with the most serious face and goes “iv seen you up is your thing bubble letters”i look at him laugh and say “yeah somthing like that, then another cop turns to me hands me my bag and says “hes clean, your free to go” so i walk away laughing my ass off and taging things the whole way home, for the win!

  • dumbass July 21, 2012, 6:13 pm

    Alright so its about 4 am and still dark as fuck and me and my dude were walking across town to paint under this bridge on the tracks , and we get there check it out, no sight of cops or bums. so were chillen there smoken and I do a decent sized roller, outlined it with black cans, finished it and chilled for like 10 minutes smoked a cigarette We were there for less thn a hour, finally ready to leave we walked from once side of the bridge to the other as i showed my homie the pieces on the other pillars. get to the end pillar were you gotta walk up the steep ass hill before you can get on the bridge…when i see a cop with his spotlight on looking around so me and my friend dip threw tall ass weeds and bushed down the steep hill, split up and i end up running down this long long dirt road with a barbed wire fence along it and i see a spot with the barbed wires spaced out a little bit and i decide to climb it and i get to the other side, jump down and stand there for a second to catch my breath and look at my wrist and see what looked like a glove going up half my arm made of blood, my wrist was leaking a lot. i didn’t feel anything because of the adrenaline. so i thought to myself i will bleed out if i hide, so i take a step to face the fence to hop back over and my shoe is full of blood, my ankle got slashed so i fucking climb back over on to the dirt road again and lay down cuz i wanted to tie off my wrist with my shirt and i was started blacking out from all the blood lose so i called my friend and told him to come to were i was and then i tried calling 911 but my phone was fucking up or something and about to die. once my friend found me with blood everywhere he called them and an ambulance came and took me to the hospital. we lost the cops obviously.. i was told i cut a vain in my wrist and a main artery, a nerve and 6 tendons in my ankle.. my ankle is really fucked up nd im still in the cast! if my dude wasent with me i would have died for sure…

  • iGUESS July 22, 2012, 7:48 pm

    So me and my mate needed some caps so we spent a 1 hour train ride drinking and talking shit, we get there grab our shit and decide to get a tin for the way home not giving a fuck that its about 4:00pm we find a dope alley way with some good spots on the roof what we didnt know was that they where unit house blocks, it was a good idea until we decided to climb the building next to it some guy yells out to us and tells us to come to him or his callin the cops so we bail suddenly where jumping from house to house but they where pointy shaped roofs so we where running up one side then sliding down the other not to mention the huge gaps inbetween each house. we jump down get back to the alley way and here this lady screaming at us from her house, we get away just in time to see the cops arrive the station

  • Wristwatch July 23, 2012, 3:20 am

    There was this one time I painted something completely original, using no wizz-pop techniques or visual trickery on a completely original medium that had never been painted before. It ran and I had no interest in getting flicks or getting others to get them for me. No one jocked me and I bragged to no one about this painting, spot or the method of entry and exit. Next I went home, on the way purchasing a non-alcoholic beverage and thanking the counter chap in a kindly fashion. I used none of my paint on the way home and thereby had time to stop by the library and grab a few books with no pictures. There were no cops on my tail and there was no hot chick at home to greet me with open legs. Just a cat that I loved that ran away and never came back.

  • Andrew McSweeney July 23, 2012, 2:19 pm

    So one of the first times i went painting me and my buddy where trying to hit wall that was part of an old dam which could be seen from a old covered bridge on the other side of the river which was a popular swimming spot. When we went out painting it was pretty late at night on a summer evening so we where not expecting to run into anybody. We made our way out to the wall set down our bags and began our work, about halfway through our burners we say 2 sets of headlights pull up on the other side of the river and heard the doors open and people slowly getting out of the cars. We keept on paint as, this was a common spot for kids to come to drink and smoke at night so we didnt think twice about our vistors. about 15 minutes later they started to walk across the bridge, yet what caught our attention is the high powered flashlights they pulled out and started to shine around the surrounding area. My buddy and I stopped our work immediately and hoped onto the other side of the wall. We used the wall as cover as these 4 people where shining their lights inches over our heads at the wall we where just painting. For about 15 minutes these people where searching every inch of the bridge and surrounding area, panning the light around the surrounding area. As they searched almost in a formation my assumption where these where cops out looking for underage drinking as who else brings high powered flashlights to a known drinking spot at 1am and starts searching the area, we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After about 15 minutes and when we could tell that these people where not leaving anytime soon we decided to tuck our bags away into the bushes and head out to see what was up with these people, as without the paint we where doing nothing wrong. The minute we got to the road all the lights where shining on us and we couldn’t see anything but the figures as the quickly approached. As they approached I had my id in hand all ready to talk to the “police” yet when the lights where lowered we where standing face to face with a group of 2 middle aged couples. Shocked, I quickly asked what in the world they where doing out here in the dead of night. They answered with a confident yet almost embarrassed tone, “oh well, this is a old haunted bridge, we are out here tonight ghost hunting”. My jaw dropped as a laughed to myself. As i have learned, you never know what you are gonna run into painting.

  • Jeff J July 25, 2012, 2:35 pm

    Me and my friends have been painting together now for close to six years. Over that time we’ve had our share of close calls with the police and other random people but one night about five months ago everything went to hell. It was about 3 AM and we were almost done painting a collab piece on this wall inside an old abandoned warehouse. this is the place that we always went to do our practice pieces and have our jam sessions. So we’re just chillin painting and stuff when all of the sudden this rent a cop lookin dude comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at us to stop and hold still and of course we ran. We jumped through an old busted window and sprinted for the canal that went by the warehouse. we reached the canal and hid in a bush that was on the other side. as we sat there waiting for everything to cool down we kept hearing people yelling back and forth sounding like they were looking for us. then the “rent a cop” randomly reached into the bush and yanked my friend out by the collar and ordered us out of the bush, when we came out i almost crapped my pants from what i saw. the rent a cop turned out to be a homeless guy, that we see around town all the time, who had on an old police shirt that he had gotten from goodwill or something. we all busted up laughing but he wasnt having any of it and started calling out to someone else. soon three other homeless guys showed up and all started highfiving each other and saying “finally we can get some real food!” when i asked them what they meant the replied that the head of the volunteer anti graffiti taskforce in out city had offered $1,000 to anyone who turned in anyone caught tagging. as soon as we heard this we bolted and the homeless guys chased us for about an hour untill we ducked into a movie theater to “see a movie” and the security there wouldnt let the homeless guys in. that night was insane and sometimes we see the same guys around town and give them a smirk while they swear at us from their alleyways.

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  • vandalsnvagabonds August 22, 2012, 3:16 am

    aiight dudes this story isnt the best but hey sharing them shits around is always funny. now im a aprentice tattoo artist in nz and there was two of us at the shop learning the ways of the ink. now im no genious but this other kid had the brain power of a spoon haha. one day this rather large skinhead fellow came into the shop looking for a cheap tat. our bossman told him if he let an apprentice do it he could have it at half price so the dollar conscious colour hater agreed pretty sharply. so off apprentice B went tating”seig heil” across baldies back. i was outside having a smoke when i heard a serioius commotion goin on inside, i wandered in to check what was goin down to find the apprentice halfway through the drywall with a very pissed off aryan dude yelling at the boss pointing at his back and the very fresh “seig hill” ink pressed across his back… long story short apprentice had 3 fractured ribs and double black eyes + lost his job. AAaaannnd the skinhead got a redoe coverup free of charge from the better apprentice ;) … i draw a pretty good luftwaffe eagle if i say so myself … peace

  • xTrouble in the citYx August 24, 2012, 8:28 am

    I paint for a long time and a lot of stories to see friends while drawing. Fired at us, running around with knives and that is not happening only because of the fact that doing graffiti. But I would like to tell you a story about the so-called paranoid.
    It was in the 2009th. I wanted an adventure and I drove 700 miles from home draw with old friends on the train. There was not much time as gone on the weekends. On Saturday, we toured all the places in the city and in the field but were cops everywhere and no option to train. Since tried to paint the train in the morning and then later slept till noon. I lived with a local girl who also painted graffiti. We went for a walk with her. I took the thing to then take the train. It remained for two hours before my train and when we passed by one of the local bridges, we saw that the top of the train stops. We quickly ran out. I gave the girl to fotoaparat it removed, quickly grabbed the chrome and black, and ran to the train. There was nothing to lose, I was going for the sake of this city. So I draw and do great figure despite the fact that it was day time “back jump”. Already finished smoothly and beautifully on the last line of the last letter, and suddenly I notice that on both sides of me running train drivers with iron armatures. I started running and constantly heard steps behind me. Near the cemetery saw and ran to him. When dropped in there I saw a number of countries the car. When it was at the other end vybigal cemetery this car was already there, and where I did not run it and the car was driving me. I grabbed the paranoia and ran for 20 minutes without stopping until he reached the main road. I stopped the car and called the memory address where the girl lives in the hope that it will be there. I gave the driver his last money and we went. The weather was very cold and I was only one sweater for fear of dirty jacket. And here we go, and are bringing one of the regular bridge and suddenly the train leaves the bridge with my picture and stops at the exact center. I have a smile from ear to ear and spiritual orgasm. I’m starting to dig into his pockets but I have nothing with me. My phone in the car with a friend, too fotoaparat her. I had to just enjoy a few moments and remember the frame then to remember him with a smile. After that, I drove to a friend. There was no one at home and I went on the memory walk to where to draw in the hope that it will be waiting for me there. In the end, as it turned out. It was there where I painted on a train. Sat and repaired his car in my jacket and I went to her and all the cursing. Later she told me that the train drivers ran only about 50 meters and then I ran the rest of the time was my paranoia. We got in the car and drove to the station. A little bit more and I was late to the train. As soon as the train arrived there in 2 minutes gone. He sat down, went and closed his eyes and began to leaf through the last 2 hours in their city. That was the last time I drew them in by train, but the situation is very warm and I always remember her with a smile. Graffiti paranoia – it’s a miracle.

  • vandalsnvagabonds August 30, 2012, 4:54 am

    so who won this? haha

  • Senses Lost August 30, 2012, 9:51 pm

    The winners will be chosen next week.

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