Shok1 RGB Trinity Wall

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

shok1 rgb trinity wall graffiti

The graffiti artist Shok1 sent us a photo of a large wall he painted in London while rioters burn and loot. The wall is his interpretation of RGB, the colors that produce the picture in TVs, computers, mobiles phones and other digital screens.

Red, green and blue light are combined to produce the picture in TVs, computers, mobile phones and practically any other type of screen that you can think of.

Through these three simple colours, information enters our brains and changes them in infinite permutations.

This is an attempt to paint the terrible beautiful power of it all.

In the light of the riots in London while it was painted, I also see the red as symbolising violence and fire, the green for money and envy, and the blue for coldness and the authorities.


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