Sueme Puzzle Series

Friday, December 10, 2010

sueme puzzle series

The Vancouver based graffiti artist Sueme has put together a new series of paintings he’s titled the “Puzzle Series”. The paintings are available to purchase on Cargoh’s online store.

“While working on many different projects over time, I usually find myself left with random pieces of wood and excess supplies. This is part of the inspiration for this new series of paintings. For the most part, this series is an exploration of colour relationships and composition. A departure from large scale works, these pieces express a light-hearted sensibility towards abstraction. The details are read in the subtle nuances of a brush stroke, paint splatter or the frayed edge of a line of spray paint. Materials include Spray paint, Household latex, white out pen, krink ball point pen, and stencils.”

Source: Sueme’s Blog

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