Interview with Patrick Martinez

Thursday, September 16, 2010

patrick martinez

At this moment, the name Patrick Martinez might not be at the top of your favourite artists list, but in due time it will. This visual artist, out of Los Angeles, has been steadily making a name for himself. Not only has his work been featured alongside that of the legendary Emory Douglas, but has also received huge endorsements from Eriberto & Estevan Oriol [that's right, the Estevan Oriol]. If you don’t know who Patrick Martinez is I suggest you get yourself acquainted now before all the hipsters and bourgeois “art lovers” jump on the bandwagon (haha, no names mentioned). Up from the underground of L.A. to the galleries of Toronto and beyond, Patrick Martinez is definitely somebody to keep an eye on.

Read the full interview here.

PS: I give props to Patrick for speaking out against Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration law, SB1070. A lot of “big name” artists were unwilling to make any comments; apparently they’d rather switch sides than fight. Salute to Patrick for taking a stand against injustice.

Matthew J

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