Ket’s Tips to Avoid Getting Caught for Graffiti

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Graffiti writer Ket writes:

So another writer has been sentenced to a prison sentence in Pittsburgh and been hit with an insane fine and probation. He follows the example set by MF ONE in the same town, BUCKET in Los Angeles, OVIE and UTAH in New York, and countless others through out the US. There are things we can all learn from these guys and I have been spreading the news. Here are some tips to keep out of reach of the police and more importantly the DAs:

1. Do not keep any images of illegal graffiti in your home, on your computer, or in your email inbox.
2. Do not keep any sketches of the name you are painting in your home.
3. leave cell phones home when you are out painting. No need for your location to be triangulated after the fact and used against you.
4. do not post anything illegal online.
5. start saving for lawyers now.
6. don’t write just one name. Write at least 10 to keep everyone guessing.
7. If you can’t do the above and the itch is too great to bomb go to a country or city that doesn’t care and/or loves graffiti. Try Sao Paulo, Budapest, Bulgaria, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome, or some other spot.
8. Don’t leave cans behind when you bomb. Cops fingerprint them these days.

Source: Ket’s Blog

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