Make One Graffiti Interview

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When people speak of the L.A. scene, names such as, El Mac, and Retna are quickly mentioned (and rightfully so, they are talented) but what about the people who came before them? Enter MAKE ONE, a legend and pioneer not only in Los Angeles, but Mexico, as well.

Los Angeles’ brand of graffiti has always interested me, so I felt it would be appropriate to interview Make One and get his view on such topics as [his] roots within L.A. and Mexico, the many contributions of female writers, the immigration debates in America, his evolution as a writer, and the importance of competition within the graffiti culture.

SPOILER ALERT!!: While on the topic of competition, Make One issued a challenge to NY graffiti icon, Cope2for a graffiti battle. Legend vs. Legend?? Imagine that. Will Cope2 accept?? Keep your eyes open … in the meanwhile, absorb this Make One piece.

Read the full interview with the graffiti writer Make One.

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