HSA & OneMethod Boardroom

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hsa graffiti OneMethod boardroom

A couple guys from the HSA graffiti crew in Toronto were hired by OneMethod design studio to paint the sliding glass doors of their boardroom. OneMethod studio has also  been chosen to be apart of a book coming out in 2010 called ‘Where we work‘.

The book Where We Work is showcasing forty-five of the world’s most extravagant and inspiring work environments from internationally acclaimed and recognized agencies within the advertising, media and design industry, Where We Work explores how creative agencies transform lifeless commercial spaces into bastions of creativity, offering inspiring interiors and visual insight into the breadth and depth of each agency’s thinking. Spaces that not only inspire, but invite us to re-evaluate our lives from nine to five.

Make sure to check out more work from the graffiti writers from HSA and the design studio OneMethod.

hsa graffiti onmethod boardroom

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