Posterchild’s Marriage Proposal

Friday, November 27, 2009

Posterchild is known for creating art out of the New York MTA plasma screens. This time he did something a bit different, he created a poster that read “Will You Marry Me?”. The proposal was created for his girlfriend who was helping him put up the poster.

Here’s what Posterchild has to say:

In the talk I posted yesterday, I speak at the end about my recent marriage proposal to my fabulous Girlfriend Fiancée! That’s right, she said yes!!!

She thought she was just helping me out with another street art project; I kept this covered until after it was installed and after the unveiling I was expecting some kind of reaction- but it took a little while to convince her that this was a proposal for real, and not just some art project!

Ha! But she said “Yes”, so it’s all gravy!

Congratulations Posterchild!

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