Clash of the Titans Event

Monday, October 12, 2009

clash of the titans voting

This is an every man for themselves, winner take all battle for $20,000! No bullshit themes, sideways rules, or collaborating on this one. Just solid style and an attempt to prove who wants it the most! “Clash of the Titans” is put together by the graffiti writer Revok. He’s chosen a roster of graffiti writers to compete: AROE (UK), ASKEW (NEW ZEALAND), CES (USA), DEMS (SPAIN), DMOTE (AUSTRALIA), EWOK, (USA), POSE (USA), RIME (USA), SOFLES (AUSTRALIA), and VANS (AUSTRALIA).

There’s an online poll on 12oz that gives you the chance to vote on who you think will win the Clash of the Titans event. The official judges for the competition will be: CAN 2 (Germany), MERDA (Australia), PUZLE (Australia), RISK (USA), and WANE (USA).

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