Chapter 3 – Manifesto Festival

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manifesto Chapter 3

As part of the Manifesto Festival happening in Toronto, there will be a large art show happening on all three floors of 52 McCaul Street, taking place on September 18th 2009.

The first floor features the “Rise Auction” that will feature art by a long list of amazing artists: Ben Weeks, Carlos Weisz, Case, Chor Boogie, Chris Dyer, Claudio Bianchi, Derrick Hodgson, Edward Maloney, Elicser, Fathom, Gene Starship, Horus, Joseph Tisiga, Juliana Neufeld, Labrona, Lease, Luna Simic, Mediah, Musa, Nicholas Fox, Nikki Ormerod, Parishil, Patrick Kerney, Patrick Thompson/Evoke, Paul Aloisi, Siloette, Talia Shipman, Tobias Wang, Uber, We Kill You. Curated by Steve Ferrara and Lisa Martin of Well and Good.

The second floor features studio work by Resident Artists: Ryan Mackeen, Piotr Adas, Felicia Mings, Alexa Hatanaka, Joshua Barndt, Omen, Norman Yeung and special guests. Curated / Managed by Joshua Brandt of Whippersnapper Gallery.

The third floor will feature “This is an Art Show” which showcases work by: Gabriel Graham, Che Kothari, Teresa Aversa, Kaitlyn Till-Landry, Lizzie Vickery, Charlie Irani and guests. Curated by Teresa Aversa and Charlie Irani of Charlie’s Gallery.

Check out the constantly evolving photo gallery of print quality / free use images at (active starting Sept 7th): Flickr set

Manifesto Chapter 3

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