Dash Snow Community Memorial Show At Deitch Projects

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sacer Graffiti

With the recent passing of Dash Snow there has been a major outpouring of support for the infamous graffiti artist and well known photographer. He was an artist that pushed the boundaries and confronted society by pursuing a life of a downtown street kid. Friends and family have come together to create an open memorial exhibition for the fans of Dash Snow. The show included never before seen Polaroids from Dash’s studio and other work Dash has compiled over his life time. The show was put together by Jade Berreau, Dan Colen, Jeffrey Deitch, Christophe de Menil, Kathy Grayson, Hanna Liden and Agathe Snow. The show will be running from July 23rd-August 15th. For more photos checkk out Gradient Magazine.

Sace Photograph


Dash Snow Photography

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