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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under Pressure 2009

Yesterday we announced that the Montreal graffiti event, Under Pressure 2009 dates have been set. The event is still set to go ahead but because of the current economy, Under Pressure dosen’t have all the sponsors they usually have from previous years. They are calling for everyone’s help:

Calling all who can support Under Pressure event/magazine/record label.

We are almost at 1,200 people in the facebook event group alone. If everyone in that group donated $10 to the event, we would hit our goal and continue to support Canadian Arts. So far we have raised close to $400.00, but it is climbing slowly. If you want to continue to have the opportunities Under Pressure offers so many types of artists, please donate a minimum of $10.


To donate to Under Pressure 2009! Its as simple as clicking the PayPal button:

PayPal Donate Button

…Pull out your wallet/purse and help with a cause that benefits so many artists, recording artists and independents including past artists such as; Classified, Moka Only, D-Sisive, Mathamatik, A-Trak, Dragon Fli Empire, Josh Martinez, and many more, and thats not including the painters, volunteers, and dancers it benefits as well.

Its $10, and you will not only get a free two day event to go to/paint at/perform at/witness… you will also be helping a cause that has helped so many different Canadian artists over the past 14 years with their careers. Who knows, maybe your an artist that can benefit from this event, or know someone who can.

Under Pressure will not die! The economy is bad yes and we may not have as much corporate sponsors this year, but they will be back, and we have art, music and Canadian culture that will still be alive to see another day. So for us resting in these times can not happen. This is one of those events that makes it happen.

Thanks for your time everyone, and see you all at UP 2009! in August.

donations by cheque or money order can be made out to Under Pressure / Urban X-Pressions and can send them by mail to:

Under Pressure Magazine
ATT: UP 2009 Fundraiser
P.O. BOX 605
Branch Place D’Armes
Montreal, QC.
H2Y 3H8

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