Bombing Science Sketch Battle #13

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graffiti Sketch Battle Contest

Bombing Science has just announced their 13th Sketch Battle graffiti contest. For this particular sketch battle the graffiti artist, Pose from MSK will be judging the entries. The word to sketch is, DYSM. For more details check out

Here’s the breakdown of the prizes:

1st Place:
- Touch Twin 36 markers set ($100 value)
- $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

2nd Place:
- Touch Twin 24 markers set ($70 value)
- $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

3rd Place:
- $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

And now, the rules of the battle:

- Deadline: May 18th 2008
- Word to sketch: DYSM
- Can be any color, with or without background.
- Medium: Pencils, Pen, Markers (no computer…)

Send your sketch at the address below before the deadline:

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