Writing Toronto’s History

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Writing Toronto’s History are a set of video interviews featuring graffiti and street artists from Toronto. The artists featured in the documentary are: Skam, Mine, Mediah, Elicser, Fauxreel and Dethrock. The Writing Toronto’s History videos were directed by Lisa Martin and produced by Well and Good.

Skam: graffiti artist and entrepreneur has been active since 1992. He has painted and mentored with the likes of Twist and Espo and was one of the first artists to paint in Toronto and in the Boroughs of New York.

Mine: Mine One or Mine 69 as he is also known, is passionate about his craft. Another member of UNC, Mine riffs on his constant exploration of tools and what being a purist means.

Mediah: A long time graffiti artist and muralist, Mediah has an inimitable, energetic style and a deft sense of colour. A member of the HUG crew, Mediah’s most current works stretch the genres of painting, digital animation and graphic design. In July Mediah will be bringing his ‘Decimals Rebuilt’ show to Toronto at long last.

Elicser: A popular and prolific artist both indoors and out, Elicser describes his style as being made up of figurative and abstract shapes and forms. He is a member of the HUG Crew and *Notes To Self. Check out his Hug Tree installation at the Housepaint Show at the Institute for Contemporary Culture at the ROM (until July 2009).

Fauxreel: The work of photographer/artist Fauxreel is a provocative mix of social, political and pop culture commentary. His large scale photographs are painstakingly created and have been installed in public spaces across North America and Europe. Look out for his dynamic new pieces as part of the Housepaint Exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Culture and in conjunction with the Contact Photography Festival in May.

Dethrock: Constantly evolving, the eclectic and ebullient Dethrock is a member of the Urban Nightmares Crew. This multi-talented interdisciplinary artist has been getting up worldwide since 1994.

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