Montana MTN 94 Testing

Friday, April 10, 2009

Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint

Oink LTD has done some testing with the new Montana MTN 94 spray paint. They tested to see what caps work well with the paint.

1 MTN Skinny Pro Stock Thin controllable line
2 Universal German Outline Thin controllable line
3 Super Fat Fat lines with one coat coverage
4 Gold Dot Thin line. If the cap is pressed softly the line is thinner. If pressed harder, the line is thicker.
5 Gray Dot Thin controllable line
6 Orange Dot Thin controllable line
7 Transversal Skinny calligraphy style line
8 German Outline #1 Thin controllable line. Creates nice flares
9 Pink Dot Wide lines
10 Rusto Fat Does not work. Locks up
11 NY Thin Does not work. Locks up
12 Ny Fat Fat lines. Covers well.
13 Banana Skinny Does not work. Locks up
14 Sabotaz Ultra Fat Really fat wide line
15 Black Dot Very thin controllable lines
16 Astro Fat The fatest lines


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