Revok Graffiti Interview

Thursday, February 12, 2009

 Revok Graffiti

I Love Graffiti has posted an interview with the Seventh Letter graffiti artist, Revok.

Hello Revok, could you start with explaining your name and when you got into graffiti?
I started writing REVOK when I was 14 in 91′. About a year after I started writing graffiti, no great story in regards to the origin of the name, I just liked the letters.

Revok Graffiti
You are original from Los Angeles right?
I grew up in the suburbs outside of LA, in and around the Riverside area.

Revok Train Graffiti
Recently a new thing has come from your hand,these “Los Awesome” billboards seen lately on some blogs? Can you explain a bit about this, is that what you do as commercial work or?
That was not a commercial gig, I started a new graffiti/street art project we call “The Movement” with my friends Rime and Augor. The concept is to paint graffiti that doesn’t center around the ego or crew. We have lots of big plans, we are just getting started.

Read the rest of the interview here.


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