Freight Train Graffiti

Monday, December 22, 2008

 Areo Freight Graffiti

I Love Letters has recently added a bunch of freight graffiti pictures on their site. Some of the new photos are from artists like: Abno, Adore, Afex, Aper, Areo, Bonus, Boxstars, Clock, Daser, Dazem, Dego, Demos, Echoe, Expos, Fatso, Flow, Gasp, Ghoul, Gier, Goner, Heist, Here, Honke, Hoser, Hour, Huge, Isto, Kasm, Kerse, Kolun, Kwest, Labrona, Mazer, Onset, Other, Owl, Oze108, Regal, Reset, Reup, Spek, Suite, Tars, Timber, and Value. Check out the photos here.

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