Mr. Scruff Takes Reverse Graffiti To A New Level

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is a video of the Ninja Tune artist Mr. Scruff, teamed up with reverse graffiti legend Paul “Moose” Curtis on an enormous piece of environmental art.

Ninja Tuna recording artist Mr Scruff is collaborating with Brighton visual artist Moose on a series of artworks to highlight the worlds dwindling fish populations, caused by over fishing.

The first of these artworks are premiered this week as Scruff, a confirmed environmentalist, is set to release his aptly titled new album Ninja Tuna on Ninja Tune records on Oct 6th.

An enormous fish – modeled on an original Scruff illustration and measuring 100m x 35m – is situated on a hillside on the J22 off the M62, not far from Scruff’s home town of Manchester. It’s constructed from pinned fabric which allows the light to pass through so the grass underneath will not be harmed.

Scruff and Moose have continued this fishy theme – and using the ‘reverse graffiti’ method with 25 additional fish ‘swimming’ under foot in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, which will, over time, fade away.

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