Photography Show Shut Down

Monday, September 15, 2008

 May Karp Graffiti
Photo Taken By: Patanne

May Karp, a Toronto photographer, was showing her work at the Moore Gallery when it was shut down. The reason for the photographer shutting down her show was because of threats of litigation and demands of compensation from a group of downtown graffiti artists.

May Karp is a 76 year old photographer that focuses her photos on street art and graffiti. She was selling photos for $2800, but she did not acknowledge that the artists had rights to their work or indeed to any of the money.

Of course the graffiti artists were upset, they weren’t even credited properly for their work. Specially since Karp is making such a profit off their work. She claims that “This was never about making money for me,” Karp said. “It cost me far more to create this exhibit than I ever expected to receive from the show. This project was the culmination of my 30-year fascination with this beautiful art form.”

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