Reetbot Interview

 Reetbot Robot Sticker

Where’d the name Reetbot come from?

Reetbot: It’s a term that’s been thrown around a bit. I first heard it at a house show when I was younger.

What got you into creating sticker art?

Reetbot: Definitely the Slomotion. His stickers used to be everywhere. I started doing stickers with my character on them. Then I learned of artists like RWK and Sticker Traders where you could trade your stickers with people around the world. That got me into making tons.


When is the best time of day to slap your stickers up?

Reetbot: Ah the great thing about stickers is you can do it whenever. It’s really pretty easy to put them up during the day or at night.

Lately you’ve been doing a lot more graffiti, what’s your favorite surface to paint?

Reetbot: My favorite are the walls with little bricks. It just makes everything look so cool. Either that or trains. Really I’ve only done a couple trains though.

Reetbot Freight Train

Is there anything you wouldn’t paint?

Reetbot: I try and stay away from (most) apartment buildings, peoples houses. Really If someone can’t keep their property looking decent I don’t see the problem. Other than that I try and stay to mostly public property.

How long have you been doing street art and graffiti?

Reetbot: I’ve been putting up posters and stickers now for quite a few years. I really only got really into it a couple years ago. And I seriously started painting graffiti just over a year ago.

Reetbot Robot Painting

In your paintings and stickers there are a lot of robots. Where’d the idea of robots come from?

Reetbot: I’ve just always loved robots. And squares, cubes. I’ve been drawing them since I was a young guy. I guess it’s a pretty commonly and over-used type of character…But I like to think I have my own flavor and style to it.

What Influences you to paint?

Reetbot: Just seeing other people get out and do stuff. I’ll see someone paint a piece and I’ll have to go out and do one too. Just getting inspired and motivated by the buzz of friends getting out and up.

Reetbot Graffiti

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while out painting?

Reetbot: Ah really nothing too crazy. Having to stand my ground against raccoons. This one time me and Raone were out painting and walking down Osborne st and there were fire trucks and police cars all over the bridge. We found out the next day that the crusty punk train hoppers lit a homeless dude on fire and he died. That’s pretty crazy.

What music have you been feeling lately?

Reetbot: I’ve been listening to a lot of Jawbreaker, Teenage Cool Kids, Mineral, The Appleseed Cast. Pretty much music everyone would make fun of me for listening too.

Reetbot Costume

You have a solo art show coming up. Is this your first one you’ve done?

Reetbot: Yeah this is the first one I have ever done with just my art. Hopefully some people show up. I really hope more than my mom and dad stop by.

What can we expect to see from your upcoming show?

Reetbot: I’ve got a few larger paintings, but mostly there are a ton of small pieces. Paint lids, records, audio cassettes, small canvas paintings. John Smith is rapping so that is awesome. And his brother DJ L.Lon Hubbard is going to be spinning some tunes all night so that should get everyone out!!

Reetbot Graffiti

Any last words for the Senses Lost readers?

Reetbot: Thanks for checking out this interview, hope you don’t think I’m too much of a dink. Check out the rest of the site if you haven’t, it’s pretty much the best.


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