Michelle Sharpe Interview

michelle sharpe

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

I ‘m a creative and talented professional model and voice over affiliated with the Strawberry Hunnies and Suicide Girls. I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and now reside in Hamilton Ontario hammer town.

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for 4 years now and started out as a fashion model and now am a professional model that does all type of modeling.

What influenced you to start modeling?

I got influenced to model by one of my favourite role models which is Bridget Marquart she had perused her dreams and even though she did not get accepted as a playmate from her test shoot she still tried and then became Hugh Hefners girlfriend and now is living her dreams as a voice over and model and its all thanks to her that I have perused my career in modeling and have gone this far.

Where can we find some of your modeling work?

I am featured on a lot of websites from strawberryhunnies.com and teasum.com as well as jurgita.com and klickstar which is a new social networking site that is owned and operated practically by the Strawberry Hunnies owner Legion Gore. I’m also featured at a lot of fetish events and car shows not too mention I will be joining the Suicide Girls in the near future we are just setting up my online portfolio so I will be on there soon and supporting the suicide girls with all my pink love.. I am also one of the top models on hotchickremix.com and prettygirls.com.

What’s the most interesting photo shoot you’ve worked on?

I loved the one photo shoot I did which supported cancer and as well as my love for graffiti I had done the project myself with the help of luke mattar one of my favourite Hamilton based photographers and we collaborated on this project as TFCD but it was amazing as I had sent the photos in to PETA and the Cancer Society and posted on my fanpage for all the graffiti enthusiastic out there :)

What do you like about graffiti?

The art and soul that’s put into it and the words that it speaks as some you just cannot read but you feel what the artist has put into his work and masterpiece it resembles and always tells a story too me and I think its just wonderful pieces of culture that is for the year 2000 and on before it was the leaning tower of piza or the great wall of china but I think now its definitely the art of graffiti. I have been to a lot of graffiti competitions and have a lot of great graffiti artists as freinds and some might think its vandalism but really the world would be plain and boring without it

Do you have a favorite graffiti artist?

Yes I have two favourtie artists and one is Eonz and the other is mod…. Eonz has not been seen for a few years now but maybe he will have his work out there again someday, but mod is still out there and one of the best artist he also is known and writes modest and both Eonz and mod are in the crew KTA, along with PAC,Havik,and Nar.they are not only a crew but artists who speak and bring this art to our streets and give us something wonderful too look at.

Have you had the chance to do any traveling with your modeling?

Yes I have nothing out of the country I really want to travel and get better acquainted with the USA strawberry hunnies and possibly become one of the next featured lowrider magazine models:)

michelle sharpe

What is your ideal photo shoot?

My ideal photo shoot is definitely something different from what I normally do but not fake as I always love to let my personality shine through my work so I don’t like to capture anything but my real self in pictures unless the shoot is a character photo shoot. but I think I would love to do a theme of me body painted for different causes :) cancer all pink n glamorous and PETA as a animal print with other animals around me… and so on

What made you want to join Suicide Girls?

I love there unique looks and there style and morals as I think they do what makes them happy and just have fun with life and not worry what others think but make other feel beautiful by just looking at there photos as they all are different people on the inside but have the most amazing looks on the outside.. I met a suicide girl a long time ago before I modeled and just was amazed with how wonderful and kind she was all at the same time so I always looked up to them as role models as well and seen myself in them of who I wanted to be like not selfish or superficial but real :)

michelle sharpe

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Who knows .. but im working on launching a location strawberry hunnies here in canada… and I plan to open my own clothing and apparel line so watch out for it :)

Do you have any last words or thoughts to share with the Senses Lost readers?

Yes I want to give a few shout outs to a few close freinds and fans who have helped me on the way with my career so lots of pink n fab love to coco roberts of aceof spades clothing, kenny cummings of chillin with kenny and jeff, legion gore and all my strawberry hunnie sorority sisters, luke mattar which is one of my first photographers. and of course all the team of mua`s and sponsors I had to help with all my events and projects .. keep living and loving the pink fab life..xoxoxo

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