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Why did you choose the name Intro?

Intro: Well, I was writing Nec to start with, and the dude who really got me into it was Nez so that was clearly not so cool, so I just put some letters together and ran with it, I knew no one was actively writing it so i took it as my own.

Intro freight

What influenced you to start graffiti?

Intro: Im in love with color, and I started doing it as a joke with guys that were right into it and it was different than coloring/painting/drawing pictures nothing can explain how neat it is to be able to change the face color of an object within seconds of spraying it, plus I like the idea that its an undercover hobby that you don’t have to take credit for, it usually ends up being free art for the public.

How long have you been writing?

Intro: Since Nover 2002

Intro freight2

Whats your favorite thing to paint? Why?

Intro: Freights for sure, they get around more then my ex girlfriend and I enjoy hearing from people that have moved away to different citys “hey i caught one of your trains” which is always cool kinda makes me laugh usually because they are so stoked to have caught one but usually forget it before they take there next shit.


Intro 2

How would you describe the style you are rocking now?

Intro: I try to keep it real, always legible because i mean we all know how “cool” that one looks but unless you’re a railhead thats all it is. I try to keep it legible and add as many of the colors I think fit up to the point before it looks like jesus’ technicolor dream coat.

Who are three famous people you would like to meet?

Intro: hmmm, I dunno I dont really like strangers so I dunno lol.

Intro Wall

What’s your funniest painting story?

Intro: The time me and Saze went to the yard and on the way I found a table leg, I picked it up and was repping that if anyone fucked with us they were gonna get it. We were in between the lines doin our thing when all of a sudden this downtown clown comes right up under the train between us, I cocked back the table leg and then I was like fuck it and we both bolted I fell in a hole which I think shoulda broke my leg but i was running so fast it didn’t matter my heart skipped a few beats a few times so far but that time was pretty intense, glad i didn’t decide to kill the guy.

Would you like to give shout out to anyone?

Intro: Big one to Saze, Tenr, sw(h)at, 2for, Nez(therealone) and Winnipeg’s finest Areo and Nes


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