2for Interview

2for graffiti freight train1)2for is a creative name where’d that come from?

2for: After what seemed like a lengthy hiatus, I wanted to start with somethingnew and fresh. On top of that, I wanted something that I could piss aroundwith, switch up and flip yet keep it the same. Two dozen bong hits later,it came to me while staring at the wall (where the empties are kept)


2) How long you been doing graffiti for?

2for: 98-99, soooooo 10 years. Like I said, there was a bit of a break, but that
was more of a re-evaluation of self. Other shit needs to get done too, ya

3) How’d you get started into graffiti?

2for:I don’t know what got me into it, but I do know that homeboy TENR/HABIT was
the fucker that got me out there doing real things.

2for freight train graffiti

4) You mainly paint freight trains. What is your favorite freight to catch?

2for: ANY FR8! When it really comes down to it, I’ll paint whatever I can get my filthy lil hands on. I’ve always painted freights only because where I am from originally that’s really all you have access to.

2for painting freight train

5) What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while you were out painting?

2for: Running into people I know who shouldn’t be there, Having to lay in the
grass next to the fr8s for hours while they get bumped – while being eaten
alive and fearing the creature of the night that was lurking, ghost-like
apparitions, sex at the spot, daytime painting so hot and so chill we were
in our gitch…. Nothing too crazy but always interesting.

2for Areo graffiti

6) Out of other artist’s styles, who’s have you been feeling the most?

2for: Locally, AREO always does it for me. Same with DAUB. As for the outside
world, I’m really feeling YL crew outta Connecticut. I try to avoid
constantly creeping others work, so my eye doesn’t start to wander, and we
end up with more internet styles.

7) If you could get the chance to paint with anyone, who would it be?

2for: I’d rock freights with causr, utah, navy8 and probably cycle, and I’d love
to bomb with the likes of zeser and those west coast AWR/MSK cats.

2for tenr wall graffiti

8 ) If you had fifty bucks to your name, what would you spend it on?

2for: Something to eat, smokes, tweeds, and beerce.

9) What’s the Winnipeg graffiti scene like?

2for: Full of hatred. This guy’s friends with that guy, these guys don’t like
these guys, and those guys hate this guy so so do we.
Its funny, there’s all these new jack internet graffiti dick riders who
think that they’re all walking graffiti encyclopedias.
These newbies, get little to no respect from the vets, who all seem to have
beef with each other as well. There’s a few fellas that keep it real to
themselves, and do there thing around town and on the rails.

10 ) What do you think of graffiti on the internet?

2for: Good and bad. Allows for a broader networks of connections, but at the same
time can eliminate local styles and originality and provide a vast range of
style to bite, yet trying to claim it as your own or “influenced”.

11) What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage to pound back?

2for: Beer and Whiskey.

2for freight train graffiti

12) What does the future convey for 2for?

2for: Find a home – hahahaha – Trip to Seoul, make use of the weather before the
snow hits… More and more artfag related bizness…

13) Any shout outs or last words for the Senses Lost readers?

2for: Shout out to the homies. Fuck you haters. Fuck you internet writers that
think yer god’s gift to graffiti, God doesn’t exist…
Fuck Raw One.


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  • dont matter July 26, 2010, 10:28 pm

    These newbies, get little to no respect from the vets,

    ive found that out the hard way many times, and its not right for the people that have been doing this for years, to come up and start talking like, “thats shits gunna get wreck soon, i dont know why you wasted your time” like that shit is fucking retarded, yeah i know im not the greatest writer in the world. but shit i aint gunna get better with the people hating. its kind of discouraging. ya know? well peace love and chicken grease.

    P.S 2for i love your style, i always like coming up and seeing your shit on the side of the Re-store in btown, guys like you and tenr are the people that inspired to me to start this shit. so thanks man.

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