Painting of the Week No. 231

Sunday, February 10, 2013

totem graffiti fuller trailer

For this week’s Painting of the Week here’s an impressive trailer done by the graffiti writer Totem.

So i painted this trailer for Bryan Fuller of Fuller hotrods.. dude is the the truth on some metal working, bike building, car making shit.. just look up his “Thundertaker” and youll see what I mean.. also him and I have been working on “The Shogun” cafe racer bike for 3 years now.. thing is bad ass..


So he goes to this thing called SEMA each year and brings these rad cars and bikes to it and this is what he hauls them in.. His homegirl painted the bricks behind my character and made the shit look DUMB REAL homie.. like the shits are all mortared out and whatnot.

I painted the Dragster guy with metalworking tools and shit..
I did a little of my fire technique for the blowtorch and some sparkle for the Tig welder.

And this was all freestyle.. yes.. no drawing or picture for reference.. off the dome.
I also designed this character and it became dudes lil mascot..

anyways.. nothing funny to say here.. I got mad sleep last night and a tasty Ice coffee this morning so I got nothin to gripe about..


Photo By: Mr.TOTEM

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