Risk, Black Flys, Willie T Graffiti Video

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here’s a video of the graffiti artist Risk painting a piece for Black Flys Sunglasses.

“Recently some friends of mine from BLACK FLYS SUNGLASSES came to the studio and told me about their marketing plan for 2011. They have allocated a budget to sponsor some Graffiti artists. It is a cool program because their goal is to promote the artists as much as they promote their brand. They didn’t want to put any restrictions on the program I.E. the artists have to paint a Black Flys mural etc. They will produce small viral videos of the artists presented by Black Flys. The thing that caught me my attention is the focus will always be the artists and the art. They are using real artists to do it their way. There is nothing worse than seeing corporate graphic artists do graffiti. Its really cool to see companies get behind the art form the right way!

For this project I decided to do a Balck Flys piece for the video, then Risk-cycle it into a Risk piece….”

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