Askew Graffiti in LA and San Francisco

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here’s a video from the graffiti artist Aksew’s recent visit to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Askew writes: This is the last video from my trip to the US during the summer. It’s in two parts: the first features the wall I painted with Revok, Rime and Saber in Highland park. The last time we painted there in 2008 – we had some drama, which Saber speaks about in the revised version of his book. Between then and now the area has changed a bit as the once vacant lot facing the wall has become a community garden. This has truly changed the atmosphere around there considerably. On this wall we exchanged names as well just to make it more challenging for ourselves.

The second park features our spur of the moment road trip to San Francisco. This was my first time visiting SF, a place that was strangely reminiscent of home – especially the Kauri floors inside the weatherboard houses. The wall features Steel, Rime, Revok, Lango and myself.

Source: Rime’s Blog

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