Joshy D REBEL8 Interview

Friday, June 5, 2009


Juxtapoz has recently posted an interview with REBEL8’s Joshy D. “I met Joshy D when I was about 15 years old one really foggy summer,” writes Elizabeth Culley. “We were at his parents house somewhere in the Sunset District of San Francisco, smoking weed, drinking Bud Lights and checking out his then clothing line ‘Teamwolf.’ Somehow I got him to drive me home in his white 5.0 and ever since I have had a fondness for this guy, which is why I was so excited to see the explosion of the REBEL8 clothing line. REBEL8 is the baby of infamous graffiti and tattoo artist Mike Giant and now the famous Tweeter and blogger Joshy D. With firm roots in skateboarding, graffiti, tattooing and all that is San Francisco, REBEL8 is producing some of today’s best graphic tees.” Read the full-length interview with Joshy D.

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